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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
"Dear Journal: she cried, then gave me back the flowers"-John

After being in a terrible funk because A) I'm a girl and B) boys are stupid, wattshumphrey did something amazing. He brought me a dozen long stemmed roses. I cried. Hell I even answered the door in my t-shirt and boxers. I was telling him why I was upset and then he made me laugh. Boyfriends that make me laugh while I'm upset will be the death of me.

wattshumphrey: "So I guess you just want to be upset"
wattshumphrey: "Yeah that's not me standing on your front porch. Bye!"
sweetcharade: *races downstairs yelling "what the fuck?"*

So I opened my door to him standing there, looking absolutely adorable, holding a dozen beautiful roses. Red, yellow, pink, and a kind of fushia in colour.  He looked great, I on the other hand looked like shit. I wasn't even wearing pants! I hadn't showered or brushed my teeth at this point, so here I am crying like a little girl while looking like a fratboy with a hangover. I brushed my teeth and put on pants, so we stood on the porch while he told me about GenCon.  We (well more he) came up with a compromise on WoW, to which I agreed. He will have a few nights of WoW, a few nights with me, and more than likely on his WoW nights I'll hang out with some of my other friends. 

I called sweetresent, and she seemed just as thrilled as me. I love her. 

Claudia and stormsongs7 thank you for the laughs last night, I desperately needed them *munches beer battered scorpions*

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Current Music: Embrace-Nature's Law

Awww... Romance, Roses, and Beer Battered Scorpons. Perfection. lol I'm only half joking. That was so sweet of him, sis. I love you too, but you know this. ;)

Lol. It was wonderful, look I edited this post and put the pic in :D

I saw them... that is such a gorgeous pic of them. The lighting makes them mysterious and sensual.

Oh yes.

And you SO are. =p

I am not! For fucks sake.......

LMAO... SO are.

LMAO... only when it's necessary.

You kids these days and your monogamy...

That hallway or wherever you have those looks pretty spooky. I'm surprised you didn't catch Dracula lurking in the background. How goth. :)

*laughs* That's my dining room. I had to put them on the dining room table, the lighting was better. You know that if I caught Dracula I'd keep him chained to my bedpost :p

Monogamy's kinda nice sometimes. I like the cuddles.