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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
I am not, Asia!

Jen and Asia Theatre starring myself and my wonderful, lovely, Jew-whitean ("Jew-whitean" is copyright Ken Brzezinksi and used without permission. Fuck you Ken :p)   bitch of a sister. :D

Jen (10:44:43 PM): god sis
Jen (10:44:52 PM): after two weeks i forgot how damn cute john is
Asia(10:44:53 PM): yes?
Asia (10:44:55 PM): lol
Asia(10:45:09 PM): i know... and he reminded you properly, as well he should
Jen(10:45:13 PM): he did
Asia (10:45:26 PM): *nods*
Jen (10:45:33 PM): and you can bet your ass as soon as i brushed my teeth i kissed him
Asia (10:46:04 PM): lol
Asia (10:46:06 PM): of course
Asia(10:46:09 PM): that went without saying
Jen (10:46:39 PM): *dreamy sigh*
Jen (10:46:41 PM): DAMMIT!
Jen(10:47:03 PM): stupid cute
Asia (10:47:41 PM): lol
Jen (10:47:45 PM): and we got quiet for a second and he was just lookin at me so intense
Asia (10:47:47 PM): you are so cute sis
Jen (10:47:54 PM): i am not
Asia(10:47:55 PM): i love it when you're made gushy
Asia (10:47:58 PM): you are too
Jen (10:48:02 PM): it was so intense it made em squirm
Jen (10:48:04 PM): i am not
Jen(10:48:08 PM): soooooo are
Asia (10:48:13 PM): lol
Jen (10:48:31 PM): shush or ill sting you with my stingy scorpion butt
Asia (10:48:39 PM): lol
Asia(10:48:49 PM): that's definitely a new edition to your person i wasn't aware of
Jen (10:48:58 PM): <giggle>
Jen (10:49:06 PM): well i am a buttered scorpion after all
Asia (10:49:26 PM): that makes it so much better
Jen (10:49:31 PM): dunnit?
Asia (10:49:35 PM): but you forgot, "gushy and cute"
Asia(10:49:36 PM): lol
Jen (10:49:59 PM): i am not!
Jen (10:50:02 PM): fuck off!
Asia (10:50:11 PM): i've done that twice today with Brian
Asia (10:50:15 PM): and three times last night
Asia (10:50:17 PM): im a little pooped
Jen(10:50:18 PM): lmao
Asia (10:50:23 PM): lol
Asia (10:50:45 PM): oh...
Asia (10:50:47 PM): and you are too
Asia (10:50:49 PM): lol
Jen (10:50:54 PM): i am not!
Asia (10:51:51 PM): soooooooooo are
Jen (10:52:04 PM): I AM NOT!
Asia (10:52:31 PM): ARE TOO.
Asia (10:52:34 PM): lol
Asia (10:53:58 PM): check your LJ
Jen (10:54:28 PM): lol i am not!
Asia (10:54:42 PM): did you see your LJ?
Asia (10:54:47 PM): what does it say?... lol
Asia(10:54:54 PM): you SO are.
Asia (10:54:56 PM): i stick by that
Jen (10:55:01 PM): I AM NOT!
Asia (10:55:22 PM): the roses are pretty, aren't they?
Asia (10:55:31 PM): *waits for you to try and not gush*
Jen (10:56:12 PM): yes the roses are pretty
Asia (10:56:23 PM): really pretty...
Jen(10:56:31 PM): and john was really cute today
Jen (10:56:35 PM): *glare*
Jen (10:56:38 PM): i hate you
Asia (10:56:38 PM): mmhmm...
Asia(10:56:40 PM): lmao
Asia (10:56:45 PM): my point has been proven
Jen (10:57:09 PM): lol
Asia (10:58:24 PM): and you don't hate me... im sorry, but even that glare wasn't convincing
Asia (10:58:25 PM): lol
Jen (10:58:55 PM): lol fine
Jen (10:59:00 PM): but you know what this means
Jen (10:59:08 PM): Jen and Asia Theatres
Jen (10:59:10 PM): so shush
Asia: im shushing...

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Becker on TV

You SOOOOOOO are. lol

All right sis... you're not gushy or cute. (Lying unabashedly, because she knows that you'll never give in, no matter how gushy or cute you are...) LOL

Love you, Parsnip.

Lmfao. You are mean Asia

I learned it from Joe. I'm blaming everything on him today. Including Brian's sudden interest in constant "reading together", and my tiredness. LoL