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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

*looks over at sweetresent* I really need to call you.

Yesterday in the car with wattshumphrey I told him of sweetresent's comment: 
"The flowers are lovely, that was sweet of you. You've earned back some much needed brownie points. So much so, that you're being graced with a comment from moi. Now buy her lobster. I think she's having a craving..."

and so he said "Wanna go to Red Lobster for dinner?" I'm sitting there laughing all flustered saying that Asia was just kidding.  Apparently he didn't think she was kidding. 

Our waitress for the evening was brat72, sister of the infamous modern_gypsy, it was quite lovely to see her. wattshumphrey and I gorged ourselves. He had chicken pasta and I had three different kinds of shrimp. Mmmmmmm shrimp. After Brittany's wonderful gentle persuasion we pushed our tummies to the limit with a piece of vanilla bean cheescake, it was sooooooooo good.  

After the wonderful dinner we went grocery shopping. When you're about ten minutes from a Monty Python moment, grocery shopping is not fun. I think "hurk" was the catchphrase of the evening. Our tummies are still intact today.

We saw The Night Listener with lifeofwik, atheny, and kreeblah. I enjoyed it immensely. I'm not sure if I would reccomend seeing it in the theatre or not, but it was definitely good. 

*sits here trying to think of something to say while humming The Fray*

I saw Collective Soul last week with Matt, and they were fucking fantastic. I need to let him know when he can drop off the CDs he burned me. 

Ok now I'm done *randomly dances*

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Rascal Flatts-The Day Before You

"Everyone knows... I'm in over my head. Over my head. With eight seconds left in overtime, she's on your mind. She's on your mind...."

I just had to do that to be annoying. I'm sure the song was out of your head by now.

Oh sis, thank you for calling me earlier... I was SO nervous. Your call made me calm down. Love you TONS, Parsnip. ;)

LOL! It was, but now it's back. Bitch :p

I'm glad I helped, and congrats! I love you ooooooooooooodles!