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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
hot girl on girl tongue action :p

I feel kinda normal today, surprisingly enough. My interview went ok, Kim or Shami's prolly gonna call on Friday to arrange a second interview and let me know whats going on. Last night was fun. Me and some friends got drunk and made fun of porn. Kim told Ben and Jacob that is they kissed, she'd kiss everyone in the room. They did it too! It was weird seeing two guys kiss, but not gross ya know? And then she kissed me. It was kinda cool, been ages since I've kissed a girl. Breezie Kim and Nikki were looking at bridesmaid dresses, and Kim got to be the guinea pig. We saw two that were really nice. The one we thought was the prettiest was only $120. I don't know if we're getting those or not, but I'm sure Breezie will say something when she makes a decision. I had a small bout of depression earlier but now I'm ok. My neck hurts though, I think I slept funny last night. I saw one of my old high school teachers yesterday, it was soooo cool. LeVeque is such a cool guy. Made school fun. He's the head of the Graphics department at Tech, so it's good to know he's not getting dicked around like he was at Marshall. I think I'm gonna stop cos I'm getting sleepy......

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Custom-Hey Mister
i see how it is.

So only Kim's kiss merits any mention? You bitch. And nothing about the breast fondling? Afraid Matt would get too jealous? I tell you...... You're lucky I love you!

kisses, with tongue for later:)


Re: i see how it is.

Breezie, you little whore! Don't scare me like that lol I actually didn't think of the breast fondling, and Matt wasn't jealous at all.......Far from it. I'll explain later, and I'll check out those links and tell you which dress I like. Love ya!!!
ooooooooeeeerrrrrrr kisses wit tongue *runs off to masturbate* :p