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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I am currently sitting on wattshumphrey's bed. He and kreeblah are both goofing around online (well wattshumphrey is playng WoW), and they're watching Xena. I have not had a cigarette in nearly twenty-four hours cos I was dumb and didn't grab a pack before I left with wattshumphrey on Thursday evening. In between bouts of "OMFG I NEED A SMOKE!" I was doing very domestic things. I washed his dishes, swept his kitchen floor, took out his garbage, wiped off his counters and stove, wiped off the dining table, folded/put away his laundry, and just made his bed. All voluntarily, which sparked a debate between myself, sweetresent, musicmanken, and Ken's roommate. Topic: is Jen whipped? Jen & wattshumphrey both said "no", but Asia, Ken and his roommate said yes. pfft.

Thursday night we went to Victor's downtown before going to the Comedy Cafe with his co-workers JR & Katie and a few other people.  Michelle is an EVIL EVIL woman that he apparently used to work with, and took the opportunity to ask wattshumphrey the most horribly uncomfortable questions while I was in the bathroom. How long have we been together? Are we living together? Are we getting married? Is he thinking about proposing? "If you need help finding a ring, I can help, I found JR & Katie's for them cheap." To which he mostly replied with the accurate: About eight months, uh.....no, uh.....I don't know, etc.  I mean, good lord. Neither myself nor John knows if we will live together or get married and live happily ever after with two kids that need to go to football practise. He told me about that on the bus, and I was fucking livid. How dare she act like a nosy grandmother?

Earlier that evening Michelle and her boyfriend (?) walked up to our table and looked at me and said "Hi, Jen, I'm Michelle." I was shocked, embarrassed and pissed. I could have been 1ndustria, atheny, or another one of John's female friends.  So there I was feeling incredibly awkward around this woman, torn between complete mortification and murder.  She  also asked me how we met, I started telling the story, but I kept looking at JR and Katie, I'm comfortable around JR and Katie even though I've only hung out with them once before. I never finished that story and I'm glad I didn't. The less that woman knows about me, the better. .

The comedy club was generally alright. The first guy was a tall skinny kid from South Dakota who was easliy in his late 20s-early 30s but looked 16. He was funny, and as it turns out, not a Navy SEAL. The second guy was a kind of short fat black dude whose schtick was all bout shitty realtives. He was alright. The third guy was a forty year old bald Texan, whose shtick was mostly about Texans and rednecks. He was prolly the best of the night.  The headlining comedian was alright. I don't remember his name, but I do remember he has cerebal palsy, and some of his jokes were funny. When the cocktail waitress brought us our first round, she gave me John's fru-fru margarita and John my manly-man long island. I was amused as all hell.

Yesterday we hung around his mom's place during her ruammge sale with his aunt and his grandma. His mother, grandma, and aunt were all wonderfully nice to me, but that gossipy backstabby thing is still there. We sifted through a lot of his stuff that he had stored in the basement.  We sifted through warious pieces of his childhood that he either loved or hated. I saw incredibly cute pictures of him when he was a kid.

After leaving his mom's we went to his friend Liz's and hung out with Liz and her rommmates Jox and Eliot. I had a lot of fun with them. Liz, kreeblah, John,  and Eliot played Citadels while Jox knitted and I began reading a book. kreeblah, John and I also played Uno. We spent a lot of time randomly cussing at each other, and then John and I played a game of Uno that lasted nearly an hour. More random cussing at each other. I have had an incredible blast the past couple of days.

Today we both lounged around the house. He played WoW (he's been playing that fucking game for at least twelve hours possibly longer, but he did take a break long enough to shower, start laundry, andpay bills), paid bills, did laundry. I napped, read a book, did housework, and goofed around online.  I am going fucking insane. I'm hot and sweaty and gross, and I need a fucking cigarette.

Current Location: John's bedroom
Current Mood: annoyedfucking withdrawals
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I know. It was awful. Oi.....