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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Around 10:30 last night my sister and I were crossing the street, we had the right of way, the van opposite us had the red light.  On 43rd & National there's a little turny thingie to get on the freeway. So we begin to cross the little intersection when this fucking van steps on the gas, and starts to go forward. My sister and I instantly pull each other back on to the curb. The guy kind of waved us through, and we were pissed and scared. This guy was on his cell phone and not paying attention. To make it just a tiny bit worse, he was driving a van for a fucking day care. Let me reiterate.  A FUCKING DAY CARE! A day care driver nearly killed us! WTF? *sigh*

A little while ago I looked up the day care to call and bitch them out royally for having irresponsible employees, only to get the lovely recorded message "this number has been temporarily disconnected". Irresponsible fucktards.

Monday night after cashing out and clocking out, I changed out of my uniform and back into my street clothes and went upstairs to Friday's to have a smoke and watch the rest of the game. The score was tied 3-3, my sister came up and I bought her a drink. David also came out but I told him to go change cos he was in his uniform, and a Sportservice employee in the bar in uniform doesn't look good. After he changed we all watched with bated breath as Tony Graffanino hit the game winning RBI. Cheers errupted all around me, as I slumped against the bar yelling "FUCK!" Needless to say the Brewers beat the Cardinals, and Carrie and I were nicely toasted. Long Islands at Friday's kick so much ass. I drunk dialed the adorable wattshumphrey and the wonderfully obnoxious musicmanken. *giggle*

Yesterday was fun, the crowd was kind of small, but the game was wonderful. The Cardinals won 12-2, and I'm looking forward to the last game of this series. To end the season we have the San Francisco Giants Thurs-Sun. Monday I have a date with wattshumphrey, then Tuesday is the return to Ihop. I hope the next six months pass quickly and realtively drama free as I impatiently await the start  of my third season at the ballpark.

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