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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Well the six months of pain, suffering, agony, fun and wonder that is baseball season is officially over. The Brewers last home game is tomorrow, but Susan gave me the day off. IS1 is having a party after the game, and I'm going down to the ballpark for that. I'm looking forward to partying with my co-workers.

wattshumphrey makes the most adorable pirate I've ever seen. lifeofwik and atheny had a pirates and ninjas theme party Friday night, and since I was unable to attend due to work, wattshumphrey modeled his costume for me. Shiver me timbers, indeed. When David dropped me off Friday night, wattshumphrey drunk dialed me. Payback for the few times I've drunk dialed him. He was hilarious, random, and all sorts of cute. He said "I'm pretty and you're drunk" at one point.  He was also picking at the evergreen bush outside of lifeofwik/atheny's apartment, counting the needles. He drunkenly asked me about the Brewers score, then promptly decided I was being too slow in answering his question, so he got off the phone with me. A little while later I called him back to tell him the score, and he was still hammered and cute and dorky. He also decided that I had to talk to atheny who was also drunkety drunk drunk.  She was telling me that they had girl talk even though he's not a girl, and then she said he wasn't making sense so he had to talk to me. After she went inside we talked for a few more minutes, and his battery started dying.  He was smashed. And adorable.  I was also told that I post here "too much" by wattshumphrey, but I say "pffffffffft" to that since I tell him damn near everything that I post here, and things that I don't post. So him actually reading my LJ is kind of pointless. Dork.

I start back at Ihop on Wednesday, I work Thursday and then I have the rest of the week off. Sunday is Konnor's third birthday, and I'll be able to go shopping Friday or Saturday. I'm hoping to go over to see him on Tuesday.

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Yeah, well...he posts here too little...so...uh...there. :P *cough*

I don't think I ever responded to your 'Vlad' response in my journal...do you have a pet named Vlad, a pet not-named Vlad, or a not-pet named Vlad, anyway? I realized it could be any one of those things. :P

I would have said that he posts too little but he was drunk and he prolly would have said something dumb :p

I have a kitty named Vlad. He's a black and grey tabby, he's also the spazziest cat in the world.