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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Well, well. I wonder if Matt's still alergic? ~snigger~

I knew I taught you wel!

I got the same results, so you musta been a better student than I thought! Love you babe!


P.S. Hey you need to tell me how I can get one of these journal things

Re: I knew I taught you wel!

Of course you taught me well, all I know I learned from my favourite little whore! *giggle* The next time I see you on MSN I'll get a code for you and show you!


don't forget jenners, to get over "cat" allergies all you need is to wipe the "cat" down with cloth dipped in distilled water twice a week. :-) -Megsy-

roflmfao Thanks for the hygeine tip Megsy! I wonder though, will shaving help with the alergies at all? *giggle*


rofl only if the allergy is related to hair.... *frowns* it told me I was a fish roflmfao

roflmfao......... wtf is a fish gonna do sexually? ~blinks~ but thats ok, megsy cos cats like fish ~winx~ ~giggle~


oh goodness gracious. *contemplates hiding a bucket of water* lol

roflmfao.....you rawk Megsy