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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

*yawn* I'm tired, but I knew I couldn't be near teh interwebs without posting. Three days without the internet.....*shudder*

I'm still currently jobless, but Mike & Madi have offered me $50 a week to look after Konnor until I get a job. Spending the past few days with my Peanut has been nice, but spending three days with his parents has been a little grating. 

I did get to spend last evening with wattshumphrey which was absolutely wonderful. We spent the evening on the laptops in the bedroom with Xena as background noise while he WoWed and I did general stuff.  Tomorrow is breakfast and maybe just maybe Saturday will be a free day.

Last weekend was spent with John, which was just nice.  Thursday while he was WoWing, I watched an assload of Firefly. I adore you, Joss Whedon.  Friday was breakfast, House, more Firefly, John WoWing, and more House.  There was prolly some Hercules or Xena in there too. We mostly vegged.

Saturday we went on a family picnic with his dad, brother, his brother's girlfriend  and grandparents, we went to a part of Kettle Morraine called Lapham Peak and took a walk up to the observation tower.  I enjoyed the walk immensely, being in a lovely park/forresty area was just delightful. John bitched up and down about how he hates the outdoors, and it really was cute.  Saturday evening John, his dad, his brother and I wandered around downtown Waukesha for a few hours. Karl and I took  pictures of random things with our phones. We also explored a Celtic themed store, which was really more of a magic shop with Celtic accessories, that made me kinda giddy and a little high. After the magic shop, John's dad bought us all drinks at a cigar bar. The bartender there was a little hottie with a cute lower back tattoo, but she made Long Islands kind weird.  The wandering was very fun, and the gelatto towards the end of the evening was very tasty.

All in all it's been a good week or so, but soon I need to go job hunting. Blech

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