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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Game two: Stl 1 Det 3 *cries like a hungry angry baby*

I'm currently on the phone with Jay, he's got some good news. He's close to getting a job, and he's told me that there's an Anita Blake comic book being produced by Marvel. I might actually begin to read it.  

Babysitting Konnor has been fun. I've had a blast with him. I've also had a couple of moments where I felt like a real mommy, such as cleaning out his poopy big boy tighty whities, and comforting him after a bad dream. I swear he's practice for when/if I have kids.

I've also been spending time with John, which has been both lovely and rewarding. I'm really not sure of what to say when it comes to this, because words like "lovely" and "rewarding" seem like not enough.  I'm not even sure what kind of words to use.  *sigh*  Last night we were both in the bedroom on the laptops after a quiet afternoon full of food, hanging out with Konnor and napping. I watched game one of the World Series while he played WoW, and I did general online stuff.  There's been no Hercules or Xena lately but he did encourage me to watch Magic Users Club, which is cute and amusing.    I quite enjoyed the episodes I've seen, and I'm sure we'll be watching more of it.  My mind's gone horrible blank at the moment so uh yeah......

Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air