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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Job hunting=torture

John claimed Thursday evening was "every guy's dream come true", I cooked dinner and did his dishes while he played WoW. *giggle* Dork.

Friday afternoon after breakfast John was kind enough to go around Mayfair with me while I picked up and filled out applications.  I must have filled out ten applications. I have an interview at Bath & Body Works tomorrow afternoon at three. It's a group interview, but I'm hoping I can get a job. This is the best time of year to go into retail, and yet the worst time to work in retail.  I still need to go downtown and drop off the applications from the other day. 

While I was filling out an application he called Mike because I needed his address or something, and they had this conversation about how I should get hired at Puzzle World so that all the boys could get puzzles from the "hot chick", and my uniform should be something short and boobular. They also had the theory that I should have applied at Gamestop even though I know dick about games. They said I'd make good geek eye candy.  Freaks.

I applied at Wilson's, Barnes & Noble, Spencer's, Godvia, Lindt, the Disney Store, the Hallmark Store,  Bath & Body Works, the Lang Store, and I think that's all. I'm seriously hoping to score a job at one of these places. 

After the excrutiating job hunting, we hung out with Mike and Konnor for a little while. I adored seeing them, Madi's moving into his parents house either this week or next. 

Yesterday we rented both Spiderman movies and V For Vendetta.  Spiderman 2 was very meh, but V for Vendetta kicked an amazing ammount of ass.  More to come tomorrow after my interview.

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