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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So the interview last week at Wilson's was just a survey thing, I'm sposed to call them back tomorrow or Thursday for a follow up. 

Yesterday around noon, Barnes & Noble called me back and scheduled me for an interview today. At 2pm I strolled into Barnes & Noble, completely nerve free. I talked with Joe for a few minutes, we made each other laugh, after the initial part, he asked if I had a couple of minutes so he could confer with Barry. Barry comes to our table and talks to me for a few minutes, asked me what I was reading (I'm reading Jane Erye for the......I dunno tenth time maybe), asked "Why Barnes & Noble?" then looked at Joe and said "Talk to Stephanie to schedule an orientation".  I am now a barista (I don't even know if that word is still in common useage). I'm really loking forward to starting my training and such. 

John and I are going to see Trent Thursday, and that should be a blast. 

I want to move out. Badly. My mother's become incredibly bitchy lately, and my sister just seems to take up space. I've been back here for five years, I should have made progress by now.  I'm just so tired of being here.  One of these days I'll have more than just a quick update, but things right now are flowing in such a way that I really don't have anything to talk about.

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Ooooooh! Barnes and Noble! Cooooooooool.

Yes. I will die. I should have told them to pay me in books. :D

"I'm reading Jane Erye for the......I dunno tenth time maybe"
And yet you can't spell the title correctly.

Can we say anal?... Did I spell that correctly? Sheesh. lol Forgive me. I'm sleepy.

Lol. I love you sis

I love you, too. *dances*