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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Random musings

After a rousing game of phone tag on crack,  I officially have a job. My orientation at Barnes & Noble is on Monday at 2pm.

Last week Thursday they called while I was out with John and Trent.  I didn't get the message until Sunday morning, when I called Sunday neither of the managers I needed to speak with were in, so I called yesterday morning. They said they'd get back to me and by the time I got too antsy/impatient waiting they'd gone when I called. After two phone calls today, I finally got it scheduled.  So YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend was spent with John. We went out to lunch with Trent on Thursday, hung out with him until he had to go to work.  John played WoW while I read Jane Eyre, and did random interwebbing on the bedroom laptop. Friday after breakfast we went to Best Buy where he bought a DS and a few games (and bitched his entire way through the games section), he also bought the Big Lebowski and season two of House for me.  After Best Buy we went grocery shopping, cleaned up a lil bit around the house, watched an episode or two of House, and then I made dinner for him and his dad.  After his dad left, he played WoW while I did trivia and watched House in the bedroom. 

Saturday he had to work for a few hours, and when he got home we watched House before both of us took a nap. I made dinner for him and his mom, we watched more House while I played Tetris on his new DS. 

I spent most of Sunday watching the last disc of season two, took a nap, and puttered around. 

I hadn't talked to Asia much in the past week because she was in a week long funk. I called her Sunday and we talked for nearly an hour. I love her so much, and when shes sad it makes me sad too. Hell, when anyone I care about is in a funk it makes me sad. 

My sister and I got our Christmas cards from Miller Park today, I also got a letter from Susan saying that Club Level is going to have a new manager next season. I really like Susan, so I'm going to miss working for her. 

I'm spending Thanksgiving with John and his dad's side of the family. I'm tired of being with my own family for holidays. Saturday we're going up to the Dells for his mom's side's holiday/birthday celebrations.  I think I'm done now.......

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Current Music: Edwin McCain-Darwin's Children