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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Christmas was pretty good, I got some awesome loot. My mother gave me three John Lennon books (including Skywriting By Word Of Mouth, which I'd only heard of), a big coffee table book about the Doors, a Tarot kit for beginners, my sister gave me jammies, bath stuff, and the Led Zeppelin live 2 disc dvd. 

John picked me up on his way home from his mum's. He seemed genuinely pleased and surprised with his gifts from me (Pokemon Rescue Team Blue, the new Castlevania, and Nickleback-All the Right Reasons). He giggled insanely over Pokemon and instantly popped it into his DS. I felt good about giving him his gifts, I knew he wanted them, and I hate giving gifts that suck. Which leads me to the horrible lack of ideas for an anniversary gift. 

Work the past week has been incredibly stressful, yesterday we had a nonstop line, from 8:30am-4:30pm. It was insane, we couldn't keep frap mixes for longer than five minutes, the bake case was in constant need of stocking. The plus side of my incredibly stressful day was spending my lunch break with my Peanut. Konnor clung to me as if I was the last person on earth. I was super happy to see him :D

I get to see Ken today, I'm looking forward to that. Asia and I have concluded that he will plotz when he opens his gifties. :D 

I played around with my mom and my sister's Myspace pages. They've started them so they can keep in touch with my Uncle Bobby. Everyone and their mama has a fuckin Myspace page now *shakes head*

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You need to see me damnit!

In order for that to happen I need to not be super busy all the time.