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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

What the hell do I get John for our anniversary?


Well, first you get a Pikachu costume...


Well there are always DS games. I'm sure he wants some game that is out there. If that isn't what your looking for maybe a movie. I'm not sure what movies John is missing that he wants. That is about all I've got. Men are not easy to buy for on anniversaries. You can't just buy them flowers, jewelery or the other cheesy things they give us.

Yeah I thought about that, but somehow movies and video games seem like gifts more suited to birthdays or Christmas. Blech.

I forgot to say thanks for the input :D

Honestly? Get him something that wouldn't normally be considered a gift (like a night out at the movies or a dinner or something). Something nice, quiet, and personal.

You'd know him better than I would on exact preference, but if his anti-gift/anti-celebration attitude towards birthdays extends towards other things, it might be the way to go.

It just might be the best thing, with his anti-giftness, he keeps insisting I don't have to get him anything, but I want to do something special.

*nods* Cool. Good luck, then, with whatever you decide on!

Dinner at Olive Garden ( he likes it, I've never been there), and maybe a movie. I may try to find summat at Game Stop for him, but I think dinner and such would be best, thanks for the input!