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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I have concluded that I should never be allowed to go to the Safe House. Wednesday night Kim and I went out for karaoke and I got completely out of my mind hammered. I don't remember leaving the Safe House, I don't remember getting into my house, I don't remember much of anything really. I fell a lot, and have a couple of really pretty bruises on my legs. I also vaguely remember laying on the floor drunkenly rambling at John, very redundantly pouring my heart out to him, leaving my sister to plead with me to get off the phone.  I remember being really really cold, and by the time my sister got me into bed I was crying for my sister and crying for John. 

Work has been pretty good, we were busy yesterday, I'm not really sure when I'll find out if I'm going to become a full time employee. 

Asia has a cell phone now, she and I were texting back and forth yesterday, and now I can always annoy my sis. *evil giggle*

I am reading a terrific book called Sharp Objects written by Gillian Flynn,  the black cover jacket has a shiny embossed razor blade on the cover, but what intrigued me the most were the following words on the inside flap of the dustcover:  "Wicked above her hipbone. Girl across her heart Nasty on her kneecap, Babydoll on her leg, Harmful on her wrist, Whore on her ankle"  There's something very provacative about the above words.
The book is about a reporter from an unknown Chicago daily paper sent to investigate muders in her hometown, she also has a destructive background. A cutter fresh from her stay in a pysch hospital, her cutting habit started in her early teens, and she carved words into her flesh.  I think there's something so beautiful about that, words are the most powerful weapon in the universe. Maybe it's just my history as a cutter, but there's something so broken about this character that I just want to dive into her story and watch how she unfolds. Maybe she'll fall apart, or maybe she'll become stronger. I can't wait to finish it. 

And on that note........

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Romeo Void-Never Say Never

Words are the most powerful weapon on the universe. I think that's why I love writing so much sometimes. And I love reading great authors that can put together a powerful tale... they get immediate respect. I'm reading and catching up. I've neglected your LJ Parsnip. This is unforgiveable. If you kick me the next time we talk, I'll understand why. I shall try and do better. And you never annoy me... keep trying, maybe one day you'll succeed. I doubt it will happenthough. Love you bunches, sis...

I finished Sharp Objects on Monday, it was creepy and sad and beautiful. Yesterday I plowed through Memories of John Lennon, that book broke my heart. I highly recommend it. I should be upset that you haven't been reading my LJ, but I talk to you often enough that I tell you most of this shit anyway. :p

I almost forgot: I love you :D