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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Yesterday on my way to work, I had something happen to me that hadn't happened in a year or so. I had words flowing through my head, so I instantly bought a journal and jotted them down in the twenty minutes of spare time I had.  The result was something beautiful and affectionate. I was on such an amazing high, and when I showed it to Brian he said his hand was "on fire", I was so happy.  He and I talked briefly about writing while I was on my fifteen, and exchanged email addresses. I sent him two emails packed with my writing last night, a little while ago he sent me this on Yahoo messenger:

Brian : so i read your poetry and i must tell you holy shit jen did i love it....you are such a fucking wonderful and ethereal and raw and smokin good writer......brilliant shit really 


I had a few lines going through my head all day today, and I was pissed that I forgot my journal, but I got them jotted down now. I'll work on it in a bit, for now though here's my newest piece:

Berry Wine
Copyright 2007 Jennifer Alexander

Intoxicating berry wine
Sweetened cherry flavoured lips
Kisses, soft, hungry, wet
Laughter in the rain
Angelic whispers
Affectionately spoken
Mending hearts once broken
Swiftly carried into night
A truth
A lie
A heartache
Dissolved with berry wine
And cherry kisses

Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Current Music: John Mayer- Waitin