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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Random musings

You would think a barista would never want to deal with coffee when they're not at work. Not this barista bitch. Coffee=ambrosia.

I have to be at work at 2, and this is one of the rare time where I wish I drove. It's been frigid lately, and too cold to contemplate waiting for a bus. Saturday on my way to work, under three pairs of gloves my hands were numb and very very full of pain. 

After lunch Saturday whilst killing time before starting, I bought the one thing I definitely don't need: t-shirts from Hot Topic. I'd been eyeing a shirt with the cover art of Hellsing Volume Four: Eternal Damnation, I also found a Vampire Hunter D shirt, and a shirt in the clearance area that I just fell in love with.

Friday I bought the book I had started reading last week when I was incognito, A Drop of Scarlet. I was really getting into it, and hadn't finished it by the time the store had closed. I also bought the new Starsailor cd, and another thing I know I don't need the two disc edition of the Phantom movie soundtrack.  Some would argue that my obsession with Phantom has gone too far (I have both versions of the soundtrack, the two disc original cast stage recording, the two disc special edition dvd, read the book, seen the play and even have a couple of Phantom t-shirts given to me by Ken, oh and I watched the HBO premiere of Phantom on Christmas Eve 2005.), but I say fuck em. :D  Phantom is a beautiful and tragic love story that makes me cry on a regular basis. Either I'm a big softie hopeless romantic, or I'm just a pussy. 

Theres a binder in the breakroom at B&N where employees are encouraged to write a sort of book report on what they've read recently. I've put two books in there, and I'm looking forward to flipping through it. Lindsey recommended a book in the MTV series, which I may look for. 

John has mostly recovered from his recent sore throat coldy thing, but now I've come down with something that may be similar. From my left ear down it feels like my insides are covered with cotton. It's a very furry thick feeling, and it hurts my ears to swallow. There have been people sick around the store, so it was either Jen, Charlotte, John or my sister that infected me. If it was any of them they should die in a fiery pit of anguish and torture (cept John, he keeps me warm). 

Last night while John worked on Exhalted I finished season two of The Pretender, and I almost hate myself for enjoying it. The Pretender is very up and down with its plot, sometimes it moves too fast, sometimes too slow. 

Last Wednesday after trivia, John and I were curled up in bed he was watching Xena and I was reading. He looked over at me and my book and said:

"You're reading Roots? What, you're trying to get in touch with your inner blackness?" I couldn't help but giggle at that. 

Friday's QOTD which sums up this post pretty accurately:

Jen: "There's two things in this world I can't live without"
John: "Stuff? Is stuff one of them?"
Jen: *laughing* "No, books and music"

Current Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Current Music: Starsailor-This Time

I only wish I'd been a sophisticated ten-year-old living in New York so I could have seen Michael Crawford as the Phantom in 1986. Instead, I was a naive kid living in Mississippi with an atrocious accent and a penchant for Dorito sandwiches.

Life is indeed cruel.

I love Phantom of the Opera. I haven't seen the movie, but I've seen it in theatre twice, once in London and once in New Orleans.

Also, read the book if you haven't already.

I have read the book, and I loved it. I would have liked to have seen Michael Crawford as the Phantom.

The movie is a little different, but not enough to make the snob in me snarl, and Gerard Butler puts a whole new spin on the Phantom. Michael Crawford's incarnation was mad, Gerard Butler's sexier than sin. I adore them both. :D

I've only seen it on the stage once, but I will see it again someday.

You have plenty of blackness.

Tell that foreskin wielding madman to hush up. And that I would love to meet him some time.

I miss you - let's get together sometime. :)