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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Well, I spose it's time to update. Things have been alright. Last week was shit. Steff, don't worry. I'm fine....No more of my crap drivel in yer mailbox :p I have some good news: 1.) I got that job at Sam Goody 2.) the poem I have on poetry.com, and also one of the many I've posted here is going to be published in poetry.com's book Letters From the Soul. it'll be published this summer. It's a vanity press thing, but I don't care. My dream is to be in a book, and maybe someday have my own volume of poetry. Writing has been my solace. I've never known myself to be without words, they reflect every emotion, every part of my being. And love......well, love is the most important thing in my life. This next message is personal, so yanno, if you don't want my lovey doveynees, then this is the end of the update.

Your touch awakens my soul,
When you smile,
I smile.
When you cry,
My heart rips in half.
From this life into the next,
You will be my forever.
From the day I was born,
I knew you'd be the one.
Kiss me,
As my heart shows you my soul.
--------I love you.

I mean every word of this. You are my anchor, my heart, my soul, my being. Everything I am is yours.

Current Mood: loving
Current Music: Papa Roach- Last Resort