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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
The ties that bind

I walked home from 17th & Vliet a little while ago, it's a fucking gorgeous day.  I went over to Mike's parents house to see my Peanut. He was amazing and cute despite his fever and cold. I missed a whole lot in the past couple of months. I told Mike the other day that I could be civil to Madi, but I couldn't jump back into a friendship right away.  I was civil and so was she. All three of them seemed geniuinely excited to see me. Larry was happy to see me too, as he shipped out for boot camp today. It seems really weird to see my psuedo little brother going off to the army. I had to tell him a bunch of times to not get blowed up. I have his email address so we can keep in touch on the occasions he can check his mail. I am proud of him that he's got direction in his life, but I'm worried for his safety. I brought my Tarot cards, and did readings for Mike, Madi and myself. The readings seemed to state that things were gravy all around, Mike's said his life could go into a new direction if only he was willing to make the changes.  All of my readings were along the "life is good, but there could be big changes coming" Mike and I were on a pretty good pyschic high and were giggling at everything in sight.  I had a fucking blast.  

I got my State tax refund the other day, and I need to go do some shopping, like jeans and minutes and such. So I'm gonna run and do that. more to come prolly later.

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Current Music: Ten Years-Wasteland