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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
The call of the wild

In the past month there hasn't been too much excitement, but a few awesome things did happen.

A couple of weeks ago I went out for karaoke with Mr & Mrs Crocostimpy Superbleeder. That was so much fun, watching the two of them together was really cute. Their friend Jason could really belt out a tune, as could Mrs. Crocostimpy. I got pretty drunk, which is usual for me in a bar, and Crocostimpy took me out to the Pimpmobile and smoked me up. It felt so good to be stoned, I hadn't been stoned in nearly a year.  They were kind enough to give me a ride home, since I was going to end up missing my last bus. Superbleeder  said that the next time I came, out they'd give me a ride home again, which is very awesome of them. I'm planning on going after Opening Day, so I can get ubertrashed and buy them a couple of drinks or something.

Friday night after work, Megan, Brian and I went to Mad Planet. I hadn't been there since I was 17 or so, I remembered tripping over kids who'd rolled too hard, I remember seeing girls doing blow in the bathroom, and I remembered Randy. The last time I went to Planet with Randy, we'd spent a couple of hours sitting against the wall making out. I remembered moshing to Dragula, and doing the Time Warp, there was so much that came flooding back.
We ran into Jamie, one of Jamie's  friends, and one of Megan's friends. Jamie was kind of drunk when we got there, and I slammed my first Long Island of the evening. Then I danced. For the first time, the thumpa thumpa called to me.  I danced until I was hot, slick and sticky with sweat, and then I danced some more.  I felt like liquid, flowing and free. I hadn't felt that good since my first look at Stonehenge. I never realised what an empowering anthem Madonna's Express Yourself was until the moment I danced to it.  The music took me, and made my soul fly. There was so much good energy flowing that night. Then there was Liz.  Liz is petite with Meg Ryan like curly hair, and a face like Kirsten Dunst. She was wearing this weird little flower headband tiara thing and she was all over the dance floor. I danced with her, and it was almost like I was fucking her on the dance floor.  We took a breather, and went to the bar where we talked and she bought me a drink. When we went back to the dance floor, we danced with Brian.  Her skin was soft and smooth, her hair had this amazing floral scent, she was so amazingly feminine and sexy, and all I could think about when I touched her was how sweet she must taste. 

After Planet, we went to Webb's, while Liz was in the bathroom, Brian asked if I'd be upset if he tried to hook up with Liz. Honestly, I wouldn't have.  I have John, and I'm very happy with him, so I told Brian to go for it.  At the end of the night, they went back to Brian's place. He told me at work on Saturday that they just talked and hung out.  After Megan dropped me off, I watched a little tv and then crashed pretty hard. 

We were busy as hell on Saturday, and pretty busy yesterday. When John picked me up last night all I wanted was food, bed and a backrub. I got all three of my wishes, and when we went to bed I fell into one of those heavy deep contented sleeps.  This morning, I fell asleep towards the end of the second Mighty Ducks movie and woke up about an hour ago. 

I talked to Mario for a few minutes Saturday night, and he's coming up when he gets off work on Tuesday. I can't wait to see him. :D

Opening Day is 2 April, and that has me super stoked. I can't wait to be back at Miller Park, among the fans and the game. Opening week is going to be a bitch though, we open with the Dodgers Mon-Wed and then Fri-Sun we have the Cubs. The schedulers at the MLB must have lost their fucking minds, but hey the money is going to be excellent. :D 

I think this concludes my broadcast day.

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Other Jen.

Love you girlie! I can't wait until opening weekend for you! That's awesome. I hope you make hella bank. Just cruising by and stopped in to check in on you! xoxo

Re: Other Jen.

Thanks sweetie! Love you too!!!! *huggles*