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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Worst. Opening. Day. EVER!  The Brewers won 7-1, Bill Hall hit a home run, so yay, but the real badness comes from our equipment. There are now ten waitstaff, and our service area is limited to sections 319-339, the difference in ticket prices is one dollar. One fucking dollar to get inseat service. There's a new Club on Club area, and I have a new manager. Leslie was ill-prepared, our schedules weren't up, the runners descended upon the kitchen like ravenous vultures, and worst of all, our handhelds were complete and utter shit. We couldn't order beer until halfway through the first inning, and it took me half an inning to run a credit card transaction! Half a fucking inning. The slowness of my handheld caused me to get my ass chewed out by a couple of guests, because I was "sitting there for fifteen minutes", as they were bitching at me I told them I could put an order in for them, but not for beer. They wanted beer, and my apologies didn't seem to cut it.  I hate our new setup. For the first time in the time I've worked at Miller Park, I actually hated being there. It was horrible, and even though my availability clearly states I can work today, Leslie didn't schedule me >_< I also forgot to punch out yesterday, I was that pissed off. I made a whole $30 due to the retarded handheld situation. I'm pissed at the organisation right now. We can build a new area on the Club Level, but our employees can't get decent equipment? What the fuck is wrong with that?

After John picked me up, we went grocery shopping and then out to dinner and a movie. We had Chinese at Mayfair, and we saw 300. 300 was fucking amazing. It reminded me of the Eva movie-a beautiful piece of violence. Gerard Butler's abs were to die for, and Faramir. Oh Faramir, how brave you were to lose an eye and tell the queen her gorgeous husband has died in battle.  Rest assured I will buy 300 when it comes out on dvd.  Jen tired now.

Current Music: Blur-Good Song