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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

This past weekend at the ballpark went smoothly, my handheld was actually working, and that made me happy. Sunday afternoon I went to the bar to have a cigarette, and a Cubs fan left hers at her seat, so I gave her one of mine and she bought me a drink. :D

John and I had dinner at PF Changs Sunday before going to his mom's to have cake with his gran.  His aunt, mom, brother and I played Wii Sports, and it was uber fun.

Monday my hair was just getting on my every nerve, so I got it cut. It's short, very short, almost too short for my liking, but it's easy to manage and off my neck. The pros by far outweigh the cons. Everyone at Barnes & Noble thinks its adorable, and my mom thinks it's cute. John said it looks "fine", but all boys are genetically programmed to say their girlfriend looks fine no matter what.

I've got one disc of Forever Knight left, and then I get the rest of Buffy. I got season one disc one yesterday, I took it with me to John's sinc he said he'd watch Buffy with me. He had a whole lot of Exalted planning left, so he only got to watch one episode with me. I'm supposed to get discs two and three today and tomorrow, so that'll be fun. I also have some laundry to do before I get to enjoy my birthday pressie to myself. Brian and I are going to the Type O show at the Rave tonight. HURRAY.  I don't have much else to say, so on to the LJ cut crappy cameraphone pics of my adorable new haircut. :D

Ken insisted I send him piccies, and he knew I wouldn't smile, so I took a smiley pic for him. Isn't my hair cute?

Grrrrrrrrrr I don't like smiling, or having my picture taken. I take shitty pics :p

I will never get over how much hair is lying on the floor after I get it cut. My hair isn't very thick, but there's a whole fucking lot of it.

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Current Music: Jarvis Cocker-Heavy Weather