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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I've been slacking when it comes to updating lately. I just don't feel like posting, I'll sit and stare here for a good fifteen minutes before saying "fuck it", but I do go through those phases.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with Konnor, John came over last night and watched House with us. Seeing John was so wonderful, and I sometimes wonder if being around him will ever cease to be amazing. There were moments where Konnor was running around being insane, he kept flopping onto the floor and giggling. It made me look at him and go "Kid you're such a pothead" They've started rearranging the house, tearing up carpet and such. I must admit the living room looks a lot better without that disgusting dirty carpet. 

Last week Wednesday was so cool. The Type O show was so much fun. Brand New Sin was just wild and very entertaining, the lead singer said the radio was full of too much "Nickelcrap", and I just loved that. There are moments when I like Nickelback, but as a whole they are one of the shittiest bands to ever exist.  Celtic Frost was fucking creepy, but really really good. Their bassist was the biggest creepiest motherfucker I'd ever seen and when they took the stage I took two steps back.  They gave of this really creepy vibe, but I rocked out pretty hard. Type O was pretty good. Crocostimpy told me they were shitty live, and I wouldn't quite go that far. They weren't spectacular, but they weren't shitty either.  They were as good as playing in the Rave gets.  Peter Steele is the ugliest motherfucker I'd ever seen, but all I wanted to do was jump the baracade and tackle him. He's built funny too, from the waist up he's built like a brick shithouse, but from the waist down he's got itty bitty chicken legs. Weird. 

Last week I worked at Barnes & Noble, and all week it was a blast. Saturday was especially fun, Melissa, Elena and I were giving each other shit constantly. Melissa told me earlier in the week "Why don't you go smell a donkey's butt?" "I would, but who said I liked being near you?" She laughed and called me a bitch. 

I go back to the ballpark tonight, and I'm there until Sunday. Joe was kind enough to give me next week Monday off, so I can spend the entire day with John. Happy birthday to me. :D I need to talk to Trent, because I'd like to invite him out to lunch on Monday as a belated birthday thing.  John said that'd be cool. Yays. 

John's schedule at work has changed, he now has Sundays and Mondays off, and that's going to be weird for a little while. I think we're going to do breakfast on Mondays instead, that seems to work out best. He can do breakfast and church with his dad on Sundays, and then spend time with me on Mondays. I'm so terribly proud of him for doing all his job searching and for going back to school. I don't think he's decided when to enroll in Marquette, I'm assuming he's going to go back this fall. 

And finally, congrats to lifeofwik

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Enrolling just comes down to when I get to it. I've just been real stressed out lately.

I know you'll get to it, and I know you've been super stressed, but I'm still proud of you for doing it. *huggle*