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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Reading Rollins

I am reading Rollins. To some people the look on my face after I've put the book down a few minutes earlier it is painfully obvious. When I read Rollins I want to cry, destroy, burn everything around me and salt the earth. I want to fight, fuck, be comforted, to be burned and bloody.  Rollins inspires simultanious peace and chaos, the ultimate contradiction, and above all it makes me feel. I supose that explains my obsession with reading his works, I feel like his books are the therapy I need. On the bus tonight I had to put See A Grown Man Cry/Now Watch Him Die down and write something myself, I also found another piece I'd written following another trip into his mind. With that I give you a sort of homage to Henry Rollins.

The Depth Within
copyright 2007 Jennifer Alexander

Walking down the street
Distant, alien
Memories chasing their tails
Hands shaking
Pen trembling
Heart heavy
Affected by the words I read

Author's genius smashes into me
Literary sledgehammer
As my eyes fill with sadness
An ache deep inside
No hand could rub it away
Tendrils of thought
Curl inside my veins
Shaking my blood

Sun on my face 
Hair fluttering in the breeze
Human faces surround my every move
Funny their voices
Their laughter
Alienate me further
I retreat deep with in myself
Watching through someone else's eyes

Chaotic Humanity
copyright 2007 Jennifer Alexander

Reading the words 
Penned by the god made flesh
I want to cry
To destroy
To hurt
Them all
Their ignorant eyes
To cut through 
Their souls
Their flesh
I will bleed with them
Burn it all
Everything that surrounds
Bloodied hands
Add wood to their fire
When the rage subsides
Calm crawling into me
Throw myself on the pyre

Current Mood: rejuvenatedinspired
Current Music: Depeche Mode-Behind the Wheel