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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
As the ballpark turns

Lately Miller Park has been a drag. And by drag I mean god awful frustrating I want to stab everyone I meet in the jaw. We're three games into a ten day homestand, and out of the past three days we have had a grand total of eight working handhelds.  Seven of them worked last night, and I was lucky enough to have the only working one on Tuesday. Monday none of them were working, and during our last homestand we had to do everything manually because our entire system was down.  I have gotten to the point where I don't care about working there anymore, which is never a good sign, but after last year's handheld problems and this years never knowing if they'll work, I've become increasingly disappointed in how my management runs the place.  I mean really, after all the problems last year you'd think we'd have equipment that works this year.  Apparently, they're working on trying to get us new handhelds for next year. Yes, that helps us now.  

They say every cloud has a silver lining and tonight I saw it in the form of Damian Miller.  I had been lucky enough to cash out early and return to Club to watch the rest of the game due to a couple of regulars who had given me an extra ticket, and on my way out of the locker room to the elevator I saw a guy driving a Brewer in a cart. I started to smile, and was aiming for a nice polite "Hi, how are you? Go Brewers!" smile. The cart was approaching my direction, and as I recognised the Brewer sitting in the passenger side my smile instantly changed from nice and polite to a mega watt, lighting up Times Square OMFG colon capital d smile.  It was Damian Miller ( #26 backup catcher for the Brewers and also my biggest baseball related crush ever for those of you who don't pay attention to baseball), and he returned my smile with one just as big.  I swear I lost brain function in those few seconds.  I also saw Derrick Turnbow (#59, SHITTY pitcher) driving by me on my way to the locker room, and I was filled with an urge to scream "YOU SUCK" at him, but since I was in uniform I successfully squished that urge and settled for glaring at his back as he drove towards the bullpen.

Tonight was a great night, and I'm still giddy from the exchange of smiles with Damian Miller. Also the Brewers won tonight 4-3 :D

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Current Music: Carbon Leaf-The War Was In Colour