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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
I got all these evil hand issues

As usual, I'm tired, and I worked today. I had a great day at work despite the high ammount of busy.  Yesterday I was told that I scare Katelyn *giggle*. I'M SCARY! I can't help but be amused at that concept. I suppose I would be kind of scary to a majorly ditzy airhead that's so incompetent a monkey would be a better barista.
-Katelyn was scheduled at 2:30, I told her when she got there "You're going to need to get a drawer" she said "Ok" half an hour later Jamie called and asked if she was coming down to get said drawer Me: "I told her when she got here that she'd have to get one" Jamie: "Well do you know when she'll be down here?" me: "Hang on a sec Jamie, Katelyn go get a drawer" Katelyn "Ok" Me to Jamie: "She'll be right down"
-Before I left she punched out when she took her fifteen, Elis told her when she came back from her fifteen to finish taking her lunch. I could have punched her for that.
-A couple of girls ordered a mocha frap, a caramel frap, and a caramel macchiato, and she completely forgot about the caramel macchiato

If she were just having an off day I'd prolly be a little more sympathetic, but she pulls shit like this all the time. Forgetting about drinks, not standing around doing nothing when there are plenty of things to be done. Luckily I won't have to deal with her for much longer. YAYS!

*sigh* Blondes. 

There's a possibilty I'm going to be working the Harry Potter party :D That oughta be such a blast

I also just watched my favourite episode of Angel. mmmmmmm Lindsey's evil hand.  I could probably watch that ep another fitty times and be happy.  And I can rewind it as many times as I like *shakes fist at John*

I'm meeting Ken downtown around noonish tomorrow, maybe we'll have lunch or something. I'm looking forward to that.

Four Brewers have made it to the All-Star Game: Prince Fielder will be starting at first base, JJ Hardy is reserve shortstop, Ben Sheets and Fransisco Cordero are in the lineup as relief pitchers I think. Hurray! 

And now I think it's bedtime.

Current Mood: sleepyso tired
Current Music: Christian Kane-L.A. Song