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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I just got home from the Bon Jovi show, this was my third time seeing them and every time it just gets more and more fun. They rocked our faces off :D Carrie and I danced and hollered and sang, our throats are sore, and we may well be hoarse in the morning.  

After the show we went into a party tent and watched this nerdy looking white guy with a keyboard and a laptop doing covers. It was really strange to see/hear a white kid doing "Nothin But A G Thang" and "Can I Get A.....", I even said to a security guard "Man you gotta be thinkin the same thing I am, that this shit doesn't sound right comin from a white dude" and he replied "You should have seen him try to sing Marvin Gaye" I was like "Ouch!" I danced like a little fool during a few songs, but I had a blast. I danced to a merengue song with a beautiful Latin woman.  She was a fucking knockout, and we accidentally groped each other a couple of times. I apologised for it, and she was really sweet about it, but in my head I was giggling like a stoner thinking "I got boob" I also had a few sips of Carrie's beer because I needed something cold, and I was surpised by how not completely disgusting the MGD was with the first sip, but by the fourth it was disgusting. 

I had coffee with Ken and got my four month supply of Lexapro before he went to hang out with one of his mates. I ran into Jay and we hung out and went to his parents place where I got to hang out with the family. I was so stoked to see Konnor :D

I need to call Kathie sometime tomorrow and let her know that I'm not going to do July, but I'll come back in October when the Brewers make the playoffs. I also need to tell Joe at B&N that next week will be my last, and put in a transfer for Madison West. John also needs my opinion on an apartment he likes, so I'm going to have to ask Joe if he can rework the schedule for Monday. I'm not sure if John needs me to go up to Madison or not, but I'd like to have that option open.  

Tonight was amazing, I had so much fun. I miss John like crazy though, I need a good cuddle with my beautiful boyfriend.

Current Mood: energeticenergetic
Current Music: Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead Or Alive


I less than three you!

I less than three you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggle*