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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
The aftermath of a day of packing

Well now. Things. 

John signed the lease for the new apartment Monday, we get our keys on Friday, and start moving in this weekend.  I've done a shitton of packing. I still have clothes I need to pack, but those need to go through the laundering process.  So far I've got:

-eight boxes of clothes
-two boxes of books
-two shoeboxes full of music
-one box of misc crap (including music and some cow knick-knacks)
-two boxes of movies
-one box containing my coffee mugs, a few notebooks and a few more knick-knacks
-one box of bathroom stuff

I still need to pack:

-the rest of my clothes
-the Compaq
-dvd player/vcr
-cell phone charger (course I need to fucking find it first >_<)

Vlad has been taken to the vet and is now up to date on his shots. The vet gave him a clean bill of health, she said the only thing to worry about is the plaque buildup on his back teeth, she told me to take him to have his teeth cleaned next year and it should be gravy.  He was so scared on the way to the vet, but he made a friend. A little girl was so excited that I had a cat with me, and spent our entire trip petting him through the cage and talking to him. She got so excited when he licked her hand.  It really was cute. I'm not looking forward to introducing him to Watua. Evil+spaz=wtf?!

John and I are supposed to see Harry Potter today. I should call him and remind him of that. He's prolly sitting at home playing WoW. Booooooooooo WoW

Current Mood: pleasedpleased
Current Music: The Bee Gees-Words