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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
A quiet end to a hectic week

The following things need to be kicked very hard in the balls:
-Ned Yost
-3rd floor apartments without an elevator

John and I have been going back and forth between Milwaukee and Madison to take stuff to our new apartment, and by the end of this week we've been very crabby and stressed. His mother was kind enough to help us move about half the furniture from the old place. The next furniture trip will be later this week and will contain a bookshelf, tv, and three tables. UGH. The next time we move, we're hiring movers.

Most of my stuff is already at the new place, the rest of my laundry and my shitload of hangers will go up on our next trip which should be tomorrow. We have furniture being delivered on Wednesday, and while I'm waiting for that, I'll unpack as much of my stuff as possible. I may take care of John's clothes while I'm at it. 

We've been pretty bored on our trips back and forth and we've been playing little games. A couple of days ago we were listing things that we hate, Friday was things we like, and Saturday we were making up slogans to go with the billboard for Ultra Diamonds, here are some of the good ones:

Ultra Diamonds the gift that says "What mistress?"
Ultra Diamonds, who says small African children need hands?
Ultra Diamonds, hey, at least it's not herpes
Ultra Diamonds, now you know you'll get that threesome
Ultra Diamonds, your guarenteed access to the back door
And John's personal favourite:
Ultra Diamonds, when flowers don't say "I'm sorry" loudly enough

Last night was a going away party for John arranged by Chris.  Liz, Alex, Vic, Katter, Mistie, and Jerry were in attendance. Will and Taryn were invited but didn't show, which turns out to be a good thing as they don't get along with a few of the people that were there, I'm sure a high ammount of tension would have dampened the spirit of the party. Dan was also invited, but he had to work and ignored my demanding he call in sick.  There were games, and laughter, and Wild West Apples to Apples. Jerry and Mistie gave John some Nerfy type dart guns for "cubicle hunting" at Epic (they also very cleverly wrapped the package in the classfied section of the paper with random jobs circled, and the inner layer was apartment listings), and when Vic came in she was invited to join in on Apples Wild West style. I think she asked what we meant by "Wild West Apples to Apples", and got pelted with darts as soon as she walked in the door. We were shooting the winners of green cards, and one of mine caught Vic in the tit (sorry Vic!). The party last night was great, and I'm glad people came, John was kind of depressed when no one could make it for the weekly get together of nerdiness on Wednesday. I'd be more than happy to give people our new address, if you'd like it feel free to email me, I'm just not comfortable with posting that info on LJ.

Lately while John's been watching SeaQuest or playing WoW, I've been playing Pokemon Diamond. Good christ is that game fun. I'm currently at my mom's, and have made plans to go to Bristol with Jay on Saturday, that will be fun. I'll get to see a couple of awesome people before I'm fully moved in.  YAYS. 

This is prolly my last post before we have internet at the new place.

Current Location: Milwaukee, WI
Current Mood: busybusy
Current Music: Ill Nino-What Comes Around
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Nah normally I have shitty aim, you were just really close. I emailed you our new address too.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Ultra Diamonds: Artifical "traditions" count, but artificial stones don't.

Nice! I can't think of anything now, I'll get back to you when I do.

Please pardon my random commenting.

I'm Luka. *waves* I've noticed that you're a Looking For Group fan. I just wanted to stop by to invite you to our new community looking_4_group.

If you'd like to join, you're welcome to do so! If not, well, then just disregard this comment. ;)

Thanks, I'll check it out :D

you know, rather than professionals, you could have called me, but no.......

*shrug* I didn't want to bother you or Rudy. We got it all done, it was a pain, but we did it ourselves.