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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Well, the moving in is successful. John and his mum are taking the last load up to Madison today.  Our furniture was delivered on Wednesday, and it's just beautiful. The house really is coming together and beginning to look like a home.  I love our new apartment, and when I can I'll post piccies. 

I'm currently at my mom's, and the house is empty. My mom and sister are in Green Bay for the weekend which means I have the house to myself, I'm sure it will be very lonely and I forgot the cow my dad gave me (she's kind of like my security blankie).I'm also going to smoke like a chimney while I'm here. Maybe I'll stash my smokes somewhere, that whole out of sight out of mind thing.  At least I'll get to see Jay while I'm here. YAYS!

We're getting internet and cable sometime this afternoon, so once John and his mum are done with stuff he will retreat back into his World of Warcrack state of mind. Boys. 

My transfer tto B&N West is becomming the biggest pain in the ass in the history of pains in the ass.  When we got our keys for the new place we went to the mall and talked to Rich, who said he'd call Mayfair and get back to me.  He called me back a few days later and told me that I do have a job there, but they're switching cafe managers so once she was in place he'd get back to me in about a week.  John and I went back to the mall yesterday to check on the status of my transfer, it turns out neither Rich nor the cafe manager would be back in until Saturday, so the nice lady at Info and MOD left Rich a note stating that I'd like to hear back from him. I really want to get back to work, badly.  Granted most if not all of my money will be going towards rent and such, and I'm not going to have much pocket money, but I'm tired of sitting at home doing nothing. That was nice for a few days, but now it's starting to drive me batshit.  So far the status of my transfer is pending. And it's annoying. 

Now I go catch up on my webcomics.

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