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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Ah. Showered, dressed, got water on for a cuppa, got tunes. I am good to go. 

We've got my shitty old Compaq set up, and I forgot how terribly slow this machine is, but I can get online and that's good enough while I attempt to save up the money for a new one. Maybe a laptop. Who knows.  The saving money for a new machine will prolly be very slow as I'll be throwing down for bills and rent and such, but hey maybe I'll be able to keep my tax refund or summat. Anywhos.

I started at Barnes & Noble West about two weeks ago, and so far it's been very ok. There was a moment where I let my "anal I'm a waitress this place has to be cleaned up pronto" issue get the best of me and someone ran to Judy (she's the Cafe manager) and ratted me out. When Judy sat me down to gave me a talkin to she told me that someone had taken it personally, and I was kinda amused and kinda pissed. Amused in the way that I wanted to find the whiny tattletail and send 'em back to mommy, and pissed in the way that they SHOULD have taken it personally cos they let the cafe become filthy. Jerks. Other than that work's been fine, there's a guy who's really cool and fun and a complete smartass, and there's a girl who's also a smartass and on Monday we were calling each other "Pagan" and "Catholic", and then we giggled about how we should have our own sitcom. We'd be the religious Odd Couple......*annoucer's voice* "Next week the pagan gets drunk on Communion wine and has a wicked hangover, let's see what the catholic does!" or something like that. We thought it was hilarious. There was even a customer who was giving me shit yesterday. Good times.

Saturday on the other hand was terrible. It reminded me of Boxing Day last year at Mayfair. There was a nonstop line from about noon to around 6:30, and we were running out of coffee left and right, we couldn't keep regular coffee out for more than half an hour. It was exhausting and yet kinda fun, my coworkers and I managed to keep it kind of sane behind the counter, towards the end of my shift someone asked me how I was and I told him the truth. He said I was awfully cheerful for someone who was exhausted. I told him that was cos I was getting loopy. 

Last Friday on my way home, I stopped at Best Buy wondering if season three of House was out yet, and to see if maybe they had volume two of the Hellsing OVA. Season three of House comes out today, and I might just buy it Friday, dunno yet cos I still need to hit a bank for a checking account. I ended up getting volume two of the Hellsing OVA. I was floored and giddy buy how amazing it is. Mmmmmmmmmm Hellsing. 

On the way to the mall Sunday John and I went for a drive out to the Epic campus, and wow, it is gorgeous. Listening to him talk like a tour guide was so amusing and  cute, I was overcome by a surge of pride. I'm so proud of him for landing the job at Epic.  So far he seems to like it better than JCI. Yays. The jury is still out on how much I like B&N West compared to Mayfair. I miss everyone at Mayfair to pieces. 

Well kids, until next time.......

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Current Music: The Rolling Stones-You Can't Always Get What You Want