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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So after nearly a week here in Milwaukee, I finally have the time to post.

Monday and Tuesday I was with the kids. I got to hold my little Kitten a lot, I changed her diaper a couple of times, fed her a bottle, burped her and even got spit up on.  Madi was a little less possessive this time than she was the last time I was here to see the kids. Konnor ran me ragged as he always does, and his new thing is running after someone and asking what they're doing. Jen: *brushing teeth in bathroom* Konnor: "Jen what're you doing?" "Brushing my teeth Peanut." it stopped being cute after the twentieth time. What made it annoying was he sounded like a Valley girl. We laughed and played and being around the kids lifted my heart in so many amazing ways.

Wednesday afternoon I was picked up by the awesome Crocostimpy Superbleeder, and we spent the afternoon smoking, talking and watching SVU. Not long after Mrs. Crocostimpy came home, we headed to the bar for some karaoke.  There were massive ammounts of glitches with the system, and after a while he was getting fed up with them and we went back to his place. While we were at the bar we hung out with some very awesome people and a creepy guy checked me out.  We all had early mornings ahead of us so after a bowl and a cigarette, Crocostimpy and the wifey bade me goodnight and went to bed while I read a bit in the guest room before trying to sleep myself.  I slept deep enough to dream, but woke quite suddenly feeling ill, I was awake for sometime before Matt shuffled into the bathroom for his morning shower.  I never sleep well in unfamilair places. All the same, I'd like to say thanks to Matt for puting me up and showing me a great time Wednesday night. It was a well needed night of distraction and fun. Love ya, Crocostimpy.

Yesterday was the court date. We won. We didn't even need to go into the courtroom. The entire family was there with the exception of my cousins on the Kyler side.  Helene came by herself around five to two and was confronted with a wall of Alexanders, she made a snarky comment that we all ignored, and mean mugged me and my sister. She talked to my aunt's lawyer, the social worker and my grandpa's guardian ad litum (sp?). The lawyer, social worker, guardian and Helene had a powwow in the courtroom. It turned out that the POA document that was obtained at the hospital is valid, and she had no ground to stand on. None of us know what happened in the courtroom, and my sister and I had gone to the bathroom while the powwow was going on. I punched the stall door a few times, I was so angry that someone who claimed to love my grandfather would do that to him. 

After court, my sister, father and I went to the nursing home to see Grampa. He was wonderful. His Alzheimer's is getting pretty bad and he was in and out the entire time we were there.  He knew who Carrie and I were, but he didn't remember us as adults, he still thought we were kids. When we reminded him of who we were, he said "You got big" and we said "Yep Grampa we're all grown up now". We talked a lot, and we all said he looks good, and he does. The last time I saw him he looked frail and sick. I remember him as being frail looking and tiny. English Matt said he could fit Grampa in his pocket when they'd met. He isn't wrong, Grampa really is tiny, but now he's gained weight and looks healthy. He got a little cranky with my dad and a nurse. The nurse asked if he was going to be playing Coverall, and atfirst it was a "Maybe", he was asked if he'd play again and he said "No! I've got people here!". We took pictures, and when we left we all said "I love you" to him, and he looked at us for a minute and said "I know" at that moment he was there, he wasn't a confused little old man with a disease that's destroying his brain, he was my Grampa.  I told my family later that night that I don't give a fuck if he remembers my name, he's safe and healthy and away from Helene, that's all that matters.

Asia was being very supportive and loving whilst we were on the phone last night, and I will always be grateful for her love and support. I love you Sis.

I would like to extend another thank you to my friends who have given me laughter, strength and support through this. I love them all, and they may not read this journal, but I need to say it.

And finally for John: Thank you for holding me while I cried and ranted and raved. I can't wait to go home on Sunday. I love you xxxxxx

Current Location: Milwaukee, WI
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: Powerman 5000-Bombshell

Awww... I love you sis! I'm so glad that you won!!! I know what it is to hope that family is in the best care you can give to them. But you know this! *huggles*

*huggles* You make me happy in my heart.

I'm sure I do... and John makes you happy in your pants. *nods* I need a man to make me happy in my pants. =(

John makes me happy in my heart, pants and brain. He's a triple threat!

Whateva... I just want the pants part... or skirt, or shorts, whatever the case may be.

*hands you a book*