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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Things. And stuff. Possibly stuffy things. Nothing exciting going on. 

John and I had movie night with a couple of Epic buddies. That was fun. We had ice cream pancakes and coconut cream soup. Well the soup was sposed to be pie but it never solidified. We had much fun teasing our hostess, she in turn teased back. She reminds me of Vic. She's very open and free about herself and her opinions. The only difference between her and Vic is she's a little less intense.  I love that about both of them. Vic and Anaea (sp?)=<3
Monday movie night is becoming a thing, and theres talk of seeing Resident Evil 3 next week. That could be fun, I haven't seen the second one though.

I talked to my mum for a few minutes today, I was glad to hear that she's doing well. My sister is going up north to see her bf for a few days, that oughta be fun for her. I wish she'd come up to Madison to see me and John. I miss her.

Sophie's christening was Sunday. I felt bad because I couldn't go. Mike and Madi called me about it Wednesday or Thursday, and I couldn't get anyone to cover my shift on Sunday.  Konnor turned 4 on Monday, I wish I could have been there for his birthday, it felt weird to miss it.  I've always been there on his birthdays in the past. I can't wait to arrange a trip to Milwaukee to see the kids and some of my friends. 

John's da and gran came up last Saturday. They love the apartment, and John had a good time with them. I didn't get to see them, as I was working. I would have liked to hang out. Ah well, maybe next time.

nt briefly yesterday, and he's doing well. Jay is also doing well, and that makes me happy.  I love knowing that my friends are good. 

I should watch some more Jack of All Trades, I've got the first three discs here waiting. That show is retarded. I love it. Bruce Campbell=love.

Laundry is thrumming away and I just started the diswasher, I think I'll goof around online for a bit.

Current Mood: okayokay
Current Music: The Monkees-She

seems like you miss everyone.
you miss your mom
you missed sophie's christening
you missed konnor's birthday
you missed john's dad and grandmother
and you missed seeing me while in milwaukee

none were any fault of yours, so really it's just unluck in action.
i must say, it kinda sucks

Re: ronery

I don't have friends up here, so I'm a little lonely and that's making me a little homesick for my friends and some of my family.

Long arse comment....

I'm trying to think while Rihanna is throbbing away in my ears. Sis... I miss you. I'm lonesome =( You're much too busy up in Madison. I demand a phone call this weekend! I need to dish with you... and tell you about my crush on this gorgeous boy at work. He's just cute. And he has hazel-green eyes... and smells amazing. And he's all tan and tall. I like him alot. There's only one problem. Guess what it is?... No.. he's not gay. No he doesn't have acne covering every surface of his body. He's not dying of a terminal disease. Worse.... He's got a GIRLFRIEND. BLEH. I couldn't write you this on myspace... because he will soon have access to mine. Allllll righty then. I'll stop commenting like a loon. Tell watty to make you pancakes and to stop tasting/smelling like fritos and sour cream. o_o

Re: Long arse comment....

Wait... did I say for him to make you pancakes? I meant eggs!!!**** Oi. I'm slipping in my old age.

Re: Long arse comment....

Sis, you're a tool.

Re: Long arse comment....

Sis we DID dish about Jonathan. Don't worry you're better than his girlfriend and soon he'll realise that *nod*

Watty shared his pancakes with me, and my Moons Over My Hammy had eggs. It's a win win! I love you sis!