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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
A nothing post

 Well. Nothing important happening. Work is chugging along fantastically. I have been getting a little annoyed at the way Judy's been scheduling me. I don't mind closing, I did it every Friday and Saturday at Mayfair,  but when I talked to Judy about my availability I told her specifically that I couldn't close. I don't want to close up here because I'd actually like to spend time with John.  Friday and Sunday closes aren't too bad since John can pick me up at 9:30 on Sundays and then 11:30 on a Friday since he has Saturdays off.   Closing sucks and having weird 5-10 shifts also suck because then when I get home around 11 all John wants to do is go to bed, while I want to hang out and unwind first.  >_<

We have a Halloween/birthday party coming up this weekend with the Epic buddies, I'm looking forward to that. My costume is all ready, all I'll need to do Saturday is shitty makeup. Maybe I'll hit Shopko on my way home Saturday and pick up some nifty accessories.  Maybe even a wig.  Next week Sunday John's mum is coming up to hang out, that may be nice. I kind of like his mum, but she's too much like my own mum for me to be completely comfortable around her.  Still it may be fun.

I believe John is going to Will and Taryn's for a party next weekend. I hope he has fun, I know he misses seeing them regularly.  While John is with them, I'll hopefully have Nor staying with me. I miss Nor something fierce. If something comes up and Nor can't make it, I may talk to John about going with him and spending the weekend with the kids.  I've got a real hankering to see my Peanut and Kitten. I also need to give a set of prints to Mike and Madi. I think I'll need to talk to John about spending time with my mum and sister sometime soon too. I want my sister to come up and see us, but she's been spending her free weekends up north with her boyfriend.

Yesterday we did some running around. Went grocery shopping and costume related shopping. John still doesn't know what he'll be at the party, I hope he figures something out. We were fairly disappointed with the Halloween store near the  mall.  Asia suggested he go as Zorro, and I immediately giggled at the thought of my boyfriend with a sword.  Speaking of Asia, we had a great coouple of conversations recently. I was whiny and emo and generally all sorts of depressed, and Asia was there being a wonderful sis. Yay. She called me yesterday wanting to whine about her boyfriendlessness and gush about her current crush. I keep telling her that her current crush's girlfriend has nothing on her. 

QOTD for 21 October:
Asia: "Tell John to buy you rubies."
Jen: *laughs* "I will sis"

Jen: "John, Asia says you need to buy me rubies."
John: "Asia's wrong, but don't tell her I said that, I'll get in trouble."
Jen: "Pfft you know I'll tell her"
  And now I have *smirk*

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