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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So in the past four weeks there have been movies, House, work, a few rounds of Apples to Apples, and Black Friday. 

John and I went to movie night and watched Nightwatch, an epic Russian action flick with vampires, magic chalk, and bits of every action movie ever made. It was amazing, we all kept making jokes about things they have in Russia ("They have the internet in Russia?!"), and there was a scene where I successfully quoted Family Guy: "In Russia, road forks you"

Last weeks movie was Beowulf at the Imax.  Everyone really enjoyed it, and I did the rookie reach out and try to touch shit that's comin at you in 3D thing. I spent the first half hour or so scared out of my pants, this being my first 3D movie and all, it was pretty freaky.  Half of the movie I thought was really good, and the other half I wanted to kick Beowulf in the face. 

We've started a new night: Wednesdays are currently House night. We started season two last night with Anaea, Don, Other Other Nick, and another one of the Epic buddies I think her name is Christina. John and I would like Wednesdays to be just TV night after we've finished House. That gives us incentive to buy more TV shows. Hell, maybe we can showcase Eva.

Work has been slightly annoying. I had an incident a week or so ago that had me so pissed I was on the verge of tears.  I kept repeating to myself "There's no crying in baseball". An older man and middle aged woman came through the line, and they had a hundred, I told them that "I'm sorry, but I can't break a hundred, we just got a new drawer." The man then proceeded to rip my head off, and kept insisting that we should be able to "break a goddamn hundred", the lady suggested he use his credit card and he's still going off. She leans in close to me and says "I'm sorry, he's got Alzheimer's dementia" she said this with nothing but a sort of anger, like I should automatically bend to his will. If she had said he had Alzheimer's with a kind of sadness or even embarrassment, I probably wouldn't have been so pissed. The man was still being angry and insisting that we go to hell, and the lady stormed out along with him.  This was not my fault, the lady could have been understanding and paid for the order herself, but no, they decided that I'm the bad guy. Fuck that noise. The rest of the day went on just fine and eventually my own anger cooled. 

Black Friday was nonstop insanity. I was due at 9, and from 9:00-5:30 the line was constant. We handled it well, but we all needed breathers by like 11:00am. John surprised me by stopping to say hi, and then later we met for dinner with Anaea, Don and Noah.  I did do about half of my shopping after work, and I'll finish it sometime this weekend during employee appreciation. I'm taking John to our party on Sunday. I'd like it if he met some of the Barnsies.  There are plenty of people there I absolutely adore. 

And of course, there's Megan. She can be incredibly fun to work with, but most of the time she's just a bitchy mcbitch. Earlier this week, Judy, Zack and Megan were having a pow-wow, and she asked Judy who I could call for backup. I said "Katie's here I can call her", then she and Judy look at our DAS, and then she calls Don asking him who I should call for backup. Dude. Do your ears work? I'm pretty sure I said I could call Katie. Katie, Arwen (yes, that is her real name, her parents are so fucking cool), and Vicki are our best backups. Arwen was on lunch and Vicki wasn't there, that leaves Katie.  In the end the pow-wow was postponed until our 4:00 person came in.  Zack and I were really annoyed with her. Then a little later that afternoon, I was making a drink for someone, and he nodded over to where Judy, Zack and Megan were sitting and said "Employee meeting?"  I was like "Yeah, how'd you know?" He mentioned that "that one female is being loud and defensive" I nodded, "Yeah and she's one of our leads" he said "Ouch. That sucks."  Yes, Mr White Mocha, that does indeed suck. 

Tuesday Judy asked me to make a basket of Harry and David munchies to take up to music, and I spent about two hours on it trying to make it look nice and not like shit. This included rearranging the product more times than I could count and a trip to Shopko to get a basket.  About an hour into the process, Megan asked me what I was doing, I told her and she said "Why?" "I don't really know, Judy asked me to do it. I think it was Don's idea to have some of this stuff up in music." I went in back and to discuss something about this display to Judy and she asked who was complaining. "Megan" Judy: *eye roll* "I see"  "Yeah", I then told her about Mr White Mocha and she just shook her head and said that they had had a chat. I hope that means she'll put more effort into being a good lead. Zack has only been there for a couple of months and he's so much better at it than she is.  She's going to be head cashiering in January I think. Those poor cash wrap people. 

I think that's it for me today.

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