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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
We love you Double Oh-Nick!

 My subconcious hates me. For the first time in over a year I dreamt about Jeff. My day is ruined. Fuck.

We saw The Golden Compass with Kevin, Christina and Double-Oh Nick last weekend, it broke my brain. Apparently they completely butchered the book and edited out the heavily atheistic stuff to appease the bitching Christian masses. The Elitheometer (sp?) is just a fancy shiny Magic 8 Ball, and then there were sumo wrestling polar bears (one voiced by Ian McKellan), and Saruman Duku! Oi. My poor brain hurts just thinking about it. 

Double Oh-Nick and Don were in attendance last night for House, Double Oh-Nick brought us hot chocolate and a plushy The Cheat that made noise! So much fun.  After House we played a couple of rounds of Fluxx, that was insanely fun, especially when Double-Oh Nick gave away his hand and I drew the "Trade Hands" card, giving me the win.  Sadly Fluxx when I'm tired breaks my brain. 

I'm so glad the season is drawing to a close, people have been getting bitchier and bitchier. By close Saturday I'm going to want to kill someone.  I know the season won't be officially over until the second week of January after everyone has spent their gift cards and done their exchanges.  

Sunday morning we're going down to Milwaukee, I'm going to see my mom, sister, and the kids. I am so excited.

Tua's in my lap and making it difficult to type, so I'll be back eventually.

Current Music: a Rage song I don't know