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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
>giggle< aint i cute?

I am ELMO.

Well, innit that summink? Elmo was always my favourite as a kid, though now I prefer Super Grover ~giggle~ Two oddities occured whilst workin this weekend. 1.) I ran into an old friend of mine, Michael. I was in love with him from the time I met him in the summer of 96 til about fall of 2000. It's funny too, cos sometimes he'd hint at having feelings for me and others he'd be like "pssh whatever" But it's all gravy, baby. He's just a friend now. Maybe a tad bit cynical towards me n Matt and me bein in England and all, but I spose it's only natural. A lot of my friends were all cynical about it, but I told em if they didn't like it they could fuck off. ~g~ I'm awful aren't I?
Oddity number 2.): I saw an old friend of mine from middle school on Sunday. I hadn't seen Alex since we were in school, and he had a crush on me. God knows why though, the only difference between how I was then and how I am now is I dress better and wear makeup. He's a cool guy though. Work's been fun of course, except last night I got yelled at. I was stocking the Pepsi cooler, and rotating it. When Kim first asked me to do it, I asked if I should rotate them and she said yeh. So I was doin that and Jacques was all like "wtf are you doing?" "I'm rotating." "why?" "cos the first time I did it I asked Kim if I should and she said yes" and he's just goin on n on about how stupid it was and Shami said "leave her alone she's doin a good job" and then Jaques told her to stop lying to me. You know, I can handle being bitched at for something I'm doing wrong, but not something I *should* be doing. But whatever. I don't care I was doing what I asked Kim I should do, so I'm going by Kim's word ~nod~ If Jaques doesn't like it, he can fuck off ~sweet smile~

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: GnR-You Could Be Mine
>kicks jen<


Re: >kicks jen<

roflmfao......Have I told you how sweet you are, Senor Bat?