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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

 I am cold, tired and a little lonely.

Sunday was a bitch due to the weather. All public transport out of Madison was cancelled, which delayed my coming home by a day. I was annoyed, frustrated, and whiny as hell. 

I did watch some Whose Line, and got to hang out with Double-Oh Nick. We watched Across the Universe, which he absolutely HATED. Loathed, abhorred, etc.  There was also Chinese food, cards and Zim, so my frustrations were laid to rest. 

Until Monday morning. 

I get to the depot at around 9:30am, try to read some Pride and Prejuidice, write a little, and try not to be super stoked to go home.  The Greyhound pulls into the station at 10:30, forty-five minutes later, they announce that the bus has lost it's brakes, and they'll try to get us out as soon as possible.  By noon I was freaking out and even more whiny (hurray). Around 12:30 they loaded us Greyhound passengers onto a Badger Bus, and at about 2:00 I finally made it home. YAY.

I met my dad at the Grand, had some grub and an Overdrive from Stone Creek, which is an absolute must for me when I'm in town. 

After the mall, I went out to Cudahy to see Ken. HOORAY! He and I had a wonderful conversation, played cards and watched some wrestling, it was fucking amazing. I love that guy so much. 

I had an absolute blast with the kids today and yesterday. Konnor can sing the alphabet song, and Sofi has the sweetest smile I've ever seen. She was amazing. I've never seen a more curious baby, and with the way she scratched me and cries, the name Kitten becomes even more appropriate. 

Tomorrow I'm having President of Berundi coffee with Trent, and that will be amazing. I can't wait to catch up with him. Also tomorrow night is the Bon Jovi concert with my sister. Fuckin A. 

Friday we're going to see my Grampaand probably get our portraits done, we haven't done that since I was thirteen or so. I think we might need new photos. 

Unfortunately Crocostimpy had to cancel due to personal reasons. I'm a little sad that I won't get to see him, but his family is more important so I understand. I could always catch him when I'm here again in April. 

Saturday afternoon, I head back to Madison to my boyfriend and my kitties, and my incredibly comfy furniture.

Current Location: Milwaukee, WI
Current Mood: lonelylonely
Current Music: Ben Folds-Tiny Dancer

I thought Across the Universe was -okay-.

I like the first half. The second half was a mixture of sappy trash and trippy stuff - but nothing that can dethrone The Wall.

I thought Across the Universe was fun, in no way was it good. Especially with all the bad Beatles jokes, but I quite enjoyed it.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The Wall. Everyone told me "Don't watch it sober!" The third time I watched it, I finally got it, and it broke my heart.