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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
*sigh* In which Alzheimer's makes Jen cry

So, where to begin?  

My last day in Milwaukee began fun enough. Carrie and I went out to Southridge and had our portraits done, it was awesome to hang out with her and I can't wait until she comes up in a couple of weeks. 

After the portraits we went to see my Grampa, and what an adventure that was. He was fine for the first ten minutes or so, then something snapped and he became seventeen again. He had no idea who we were and thought we were hookers or old girlfriends or something. He kept trying to feel us up and managed to grope our boobs and tried sneaking his way to third base. Carrie and I kept a deathgrip on his hands, controlling where he went, as we tried to explain to him that he can't do that to his grandchildren.  At one point he asked me "How do you learn to fuck?" I was mortified, I'd never heard the word "fuck" come out of this man's mouth in the nearly twenty-five years I've known him. We had to leave because we couldn't handle the sudden onset of puberty. As we were leaving he said "Who's going to fuck me now?" and I said "I don't know, Grampa, but it's not going to be me. I love you." When Carrie and I were out of eyesight, I lost it.  I'd been so strong throughout the whole ordeal, and I know that it wasn't my Grampa in there, but I just sobbed uncontrollably.

We called Aunt Mari and told her what had happened, and she couldn't apologise enough, she said she'd take care of it and hoped the incident wouldn't discourage us from seeing him. We assured her that it wouldn't. I'll still see him, but I don't think I'll ever forget that day. I'd never felt so weak in my entire life. I didn't like it at all. 

Friday night, I called Mario to see what he was up to, and it turns out he was going to the bar for karaoke and Jay's birthday. So he managed to talk his girlfriend into letting him pick me up and we headed out for a night of fun.  I had a blast, I got to see Jay, Teo, Mario and Debbie. Fuck yeah. America.  I had a couple of drinks, and sang Wanted Dead Or Alive with Teo it was awesome. 

Saturday afternoon, Double-Oh Nick and I had food, cards and the Princess Bride. YAY. John went with Kevin and Christina to see Jumper, and that was pretty bad from what John said, I'm glad I didn't go. Boo Hayden Christensen!

Last night's movie was The Prestige, which most of us liked, Double-Oh Nick was pretty indifferent towards it, but seemed vaguely amused at some parts. Afterwards we all watched an episode of Doctor Who, and after that episode there was debate on whether or not I would stay and watch more Doctor Who.  Turns out Double-Oh Nick was going to stay so I had a ride home. YAY Doctor Who. Anaea+Don=<3

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