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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Broke up, trying to stay in Madison, have a little bit of money in the bank, waiting for direct deposit to kick in, waiting for federal tax refund,  it sucks, it's hard and it's scary. Also trying to get more hours at B&N.

 Surviving on coffee and nicotine, occasionally food, but that's not as important. Lost five pounds since Saturday, that's kind of scary. 

Anyone know where I can find Mr Peabody and ask him to turn the Way Back Machine into the Way Forward Machine?


*goes away*

Current Mood: melancholySnowy
Current Music: A commercial on JJO

Wait, what? You broke up? I . . . really don't know what to say other than that really sucks. :^(

You need to eat something, though. Losing five pounds in less than a week isn't healthy.

If you need somebody to talk to, my AIM username's in my profile. I don't get off of work until 6 PST these days, though (so it'd be 8 PM over there) and it usually takes me about half an hour to an hour to get home.

I ate twice yesterday! Yay me! Thanks, I'll page you or summat when I can. You should oughta get in touch with John, he needs his friends just as much as I need mine. It sucks.

Edited at 2008-03-06 16:45 (UTC)

If you'd like, I've got a fancy budget spreadsheet thingie I built out so I could see precisely how broke I was and in what way without doing the math every month. We could sit down with it over the weekend and try finding a way to make the money thing work so you can stay in Madison. Saturday is probably the best day, though I don't know whether or not you're working that day. Shoot me an email or call me to let me know.

I have work all weekend, and it's closing shifts. Once my federal gets in the bank I'll have $800 something, and then direct deposit kicks in next week so I should be ok. I agree that we should sit down and talk about budgety things. Next week's cheque oughta be over $200, so if my application and such gets approved I'll have like two to three months rent! YAY me! I'm becomming responsible. I don't have your number, I can get it from John, Nick or even Don. I have Don's number. :D

Edited at 2008-03-06 16:44 (UTC)

:( *hug*

*hug* Thank you.

Edited at 2008-03-06 16:44 (UTC)

For breaking up, I give sympathy. For staying in Madison, I give encouragement. For levity, I give the remainder of this comment. For money, I give (arguably) six words: test with the best dot com. hehe

Thank you hun :D

As far as money goes, I'm on my way to being ok. My tax refund is a little slow coming in as my mum had to re-do it, but I get paid tomorrow, so that goes in the bank and then direct deposit kicks in next week. Fingers crossed that I can stay in Madison, I really do love it here.


blah, that sucks to hear Jen. I'm too lazy to figure out my LJ password, but this is Johan. Good luck on Madison, but if you do end up heading back to Milwaukee, let me know damnit. Bah, my cell number has changed, but I don't feel like giving it out on LJ. I'll get in touch if I see you online.

*hug* Got your number. Thanks. Erm, dunno when I can be online as I'm kind of drifting between two places. I'll call you when I can, things are hectic.



Re: no

Sadly yes *sigh*



Re: NO!

Yes, and que?