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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
It was twenty-five years ago today..........*blink* that's not right.

Twenty-five years ago at around 7:00pm a pregnant thirty-four year old lady's water broke whilst she was at work, three or so hours later she gave birth to a bouncing, healthy baby girl that she named Jennifer. 

That would be me.

Probably other ladies, too, but most importantly me.

Double-Oh Nick and I have plans to have Indian food for dinner tonight. Mmmmmmmmm curry. He said there's at least one surprise for me. YAY! I adore birthday surprises. 

The home life is going well, rooming with Double-Oh Nick is fun. He's good to hang out with. 

Work has also been going well, I work with Megan a lot. She's been an assload of fun to work with lately. Woo! Still no word on whether or not I'll become cafe lead. I wish they'd tell me something.  There have been scheduling issues, I couldn't get time off to go home for my birthday. Boourns. I miss my family so so much.

Mario sent me a Scottish five pound note for my birthday, which was pretty bitchin.

I managed to get wicked sunburn on my shoulders this past weekend. I think Wisconsin skipped spring. 

Don, Double-Oh Nick and I saw The Forbidden Kingdom, Jackie Chan+Jet Li+ancient Chinese fairy tale kingdom+bits of every martial arts movie ever made=FUN! There were many Star Wars/LOTR jokes to be made. I'm so glad we went.

I finished reading Atlas Shrugged yesterday. For the most part I enjoyed it, but there were moments where I rolled my eyes and said "I get it, lady." Ayn Rand is verbose and kind of redundant, but she can be a crafty bitch.  Francisco d'Anconia=lessthanthree.

Kay. Time to go back home. Just wanted to say that I'm alive and well. And old.




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