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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

Ya know I think I saw a lil bit of blue in the sky when I was walking home from Tesco. Creepy, eh? I'm in one of those moods where I'm thinking about everything and everything I think about needs to be written. I guess that's the curse of the writer, the overwhelming need to have every little thought, no mattert how inane on paper (or in my case cyberspace lol). I'm currently listening to a song that defines the pain I felt when my ex and I broke up. Especially the crumbling part, cos thats how I felt. Everyone cept Chad was all sympathetic to him and didn't give a damn about how much it hurt to see him at school. So I guess thats why I said phuq it and stopped going. My world was crumbling and then I was saved by my Matthew.It's funny, sometimes I never think about him, and others he's at the front of my mind. Like once Matt told me I have the most beautiful eyes, and I felt this jab in my stomach like omg he said that, ya know? But I dunno if I'm in a mental masochism mood but I just know I feel the urge to play it and have it on repeat. I never thought I was that weird......

Current Mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
Current Music: Candlebox-Far Behind

hey there jenners its ok i always knew you were that weird. :P but hey thats why i love ya. kind of scary when that crumpled achy feeling in your stomach goes away and doesn't come back soon enough huh? I'm sorry. I wish I was the only one who could feel that so that everyone else could be ok all the time. *sends along sleepy puppy kisses from the mattdog* lol dog slobber may not be as healing as some other things, but its better than nothing -Megsy-


rofl thanks, Megsy, I'm glad someone knows how weird I really am. I think it's more scary when that feeling comes back after not having it for so long. Hun, it's not an easy thing to feel, don't wish it on yourself. rofl *sends back more puppy kisshes for the mattdog* thanks sis, I think I needed a smile lol