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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
How I spent my summer vacation

A couple of weeks ago, Becky informed me that I had 25hrs of vacation time, so I decided to do a reasonably smart thing and spend my vacation prepping for and executing my move. I am never moving again.

Wednesday I spent all day helping Kevin and Christina move to their new house, Kevin and I hauled furniture and boxes, while Christina took care of some of the smaller things. John came by and helped around sixish, which was good because Kevin and I were standing there staring at each other for twenty minutes or so before deciding to move more furniture. We were exhausted.

Evening rolls around and fades into night, and we load the rest of my furniture in the trailer and other random crap into the truck and John's car. I was so glad to be done Wednesday.

Thursday morning, I helped Kevin and Christina with the last of their stuff, then dashed over to my apartment to vacuum and do various last minute cleaning before my final walk through. After that was all said and done we all took a few mintues to catch our breath. I ended up passing out in their bed for a few minutes before trudging back into their kitchen to help with more stuff.

There was lunch followed by more being tired and small amounts of work. Around 3:30 we dropped my furniture off at John's new house, then John and Kevin went to dinner. Christina and I went back to their house, and I cleared out the garage while she set up their kitchen. I cleared out the garage in 1:15, it was p0wn3d. We had dinner and Dairy Queen (Thin mint blizzard=<3), and then I was dropped off back at John's apartment cos I just couldn't do it anymore. I went to bed between 2:30 and 3:00 and slept until 2:00pm.

Yesterday there was sweet blissful nothing. Kinda. I ended up laying around all day and then spent half an hour putting boxes into John's car.

His mum is up today and they're going to be over at the house discussing/starting projects. I should help, so I might call them in a little bit. For now though, more nothing.

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Current Music: Panic At the Disco-When the Day Met the Night