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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
I -heart- bubble baths

So this morning around 9:30 I get a phone call from B&N, and when I answered the phone I heard "Jeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn?", to which I replied "Riiiiiiiicccccccchhhhhhhhh?"

Rich then asked me "What's up?" Jen: "Oh nothin, just in bed, what's up with you?" Rich: "Did you know you worked at 9:00 this morning?" Jen: "*crickets*............ No, no one told me. When I left on Monday, I checked the schedule and it said 4:00-11:00, I mentioned it to Becky Sunday night cos I can't stay that late." Rich and I chatted for a few minutes while he checked the computer and the DAS, both of which said 9:00-4:00, but when he checked the schedule hanging on the wall it said 4:00-11:00. He kind of asked me if/when I could come in, as Keri would have been by herself until four had I not shown up. I told him "The next bus is at 10:30, I won't get there until 11:15, but I'll be there", he seemed relieved that I wasn't blowing them off.

While I was in the shower I stopped washing my hair and said "Fuck!", Judy had called down to cafe one day last week and gave both Keri and myself our schedules. I had completely forgotten that I had a copy of my schedule and checked the board out of habit. I felt so shitty when I realised that.  Work went ok, it was pretty busy for a while and then it tapered off. We did well with the book drive during my shift, and unlike most days, people other than me were getting them. Yay!

The other day I finished reading The Fountainhead. I quite liked it, it was easier to read than Atlas, yet I found Atlas to be the better story. Fuck Ellsworth Toohey, and fuck mediocrity. I had never wanted to destroy a book until Toohey's speech, I wanted to burn the book just so I could erase Ellsworth Toohey from my mind. I did notice similarities between The Fountainhead and Atlas, but I found The Fountainhead to be more of an Egoist's manifesto. I've been told to add Huxley and Heinlein to my must read list since I seem to be enjoying Rand. I might do that when I can justify buying books.

I read Henry Rollins' Do I Come Here Often today, and it put me in the mood he always puts me in. I want to destroy something, create something, fall to the floor and sob. I enjoyed it immensely, I think it was a good fit on a chilly dreary day like today. It was a mix of tour journal and various essays, and the essays were fascinating. I enjoyed his interview with Jerry Lee Lewis and his piece on weights and how working out helped to build his work ethic and self respect. I don't think I could admire any celebrity more. Come to think of it, he and John Lennon are the only ones I admire.

I think I'm going to get ready for bed, bubble baths make me sleepy.


Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Kane-In The Darkness