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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I passed out on the couch near the end of disc two of LOTR: The Two Towers around midnight or so. I had no idea I was that exhausted, I woke up a couple of tmes to feed the cats and then crawled into bed.  I forget how hungry I get after sleeping like that, good thing I'm heating up leftover Chinese food. Aside from cold pizza, leftover Chinese is the best breakfats ever. Yummy orange chicken. I miss Panda Express. Why can't my mall have a Panda Express? They have the best orange chicken ever.

The weather yesterday was pretty interesting and really shitty. The blizzard that was rip-roaring its way through the Dakotas and northern plains rolled into Madison, but the time it got here it was mostly rain, but it was bloody cold.  I think it was Mother Nature's way of reminding us that even though it was 70 degrees on Tuesday, we've still got winter ahead of us.  I bet this winter is going to be pretty damned cold. Hopefully not as much snow as last year. Icky.

I'm nervous about going into work and finding out the details of our shop, maybe I'll call in. Naw, I wouldn't do that. Damn my work ethic.

I'm currently reading HeartSick by Chelsea Cain, I'm about five chapters into it, but it's pretty engaging so far. It's a mystery thriller suspensy novel and it's had some pretty graphic scenes. On page two someone got their brains blown out, and on page five or six the main character had a heart carved into his torso by his suspect using a hammer and nails. Eek! I think I like it! If anyone is looking for a creepy thrillier mystery type book, check out The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. So good.

Time to get ready for work.


Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Kane-America High

How funny. I just finished Confessions of a Teen Sleuth by Chelsea Cain this morning. I only bought it yesterday, but it was a funny little book and it was hard to put down.

Spooky! HeartSick is pretty interesting, and I'm no where near done with it, but it's good. We got advance reader copies of the second in the series SweetHeart, and my managers damaged out a few copies so someone (like me :D) could start at the begining.