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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
Random shit!

I need to buy a bag of Casi Cielo soon. We recieved another box of it today and two boxes of it on 29 December, 2008. Soon I will have my most favourite blend of Starbucks coffee.

I briefly freaked out yesterday because I thought I'd lost my pentagram. Somehow the chain busted and fell off, I found the pendant in my bra late last night and put it on an old chain I have. Now I need to replace that soon.

My Christmas and New Year's were FANTASTIC! I got some great loot from my mother, and I spent the most wonderful week with Nick. There was a day of awkwardness, but once we got everything into the open and I had coffee, things began to return to normal.  There were so many wonderful moments, that I couldn't even begin to put them to paper. We did watch Moulin Rouge all curled up and sappy.

I've recently discovered Growing up Cullen and it is fucking hilarious! http://oxymoronassoc.livejournal.com/462027.html

I am watching Ever After and Ken is giving me a Metallica cellcert, except I can't tell what song this is. I can only grasp one word. Oh wait. It's Broken Beat & Scarred \m/

Bubble baths are amazing.

I bought a Michael Jackson #1's cd, and I forgot how fucking badass Billie Jean is. I'm so used to Rich's version, and I couldn't stop grooving whilst listening to the original.

I love my Sunday shift, but I hate my Monday shift. Sunday is 1-9:30, then Monday is 7:00-3:00. I HATE getting up at 5:00. Luckily I have Tuesdays off, but tomorrow I need to do some cleaning around the house. Bleh. I'm going to finish watching Ever After and cry now.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Current Music: Ever After