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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

So in the last six weeks I have:

-Been ill, oh the evils with which I have been infected. Shoot me please. Kay thanks bye.

-Gone to Milwaukee and been in a wreck with Crocostimpy. That was very very not fun. Neither myself nor the other guy were hurt, Crocostimpy was a little hurt. I haven't talked to him much lately so I don't know how he is.

-Been run ragged by my godkids. If I ever move back to Milwaukee, regular visits with the kids will make my fucking year.

-Hung out with my sister and my mum whilst in Milwaukee.

-Been to karaoke in Milwaukee twice. Got to see Jay and Mario. Woo! Had a blast that entire weekend.

-My mum and my sister put Calico down on Valentine's day. That was really hard for them. It's surreal to know that  the next time I go home, my Bunny won't be there yowling her head off at me cos she wants to be fed or cuddled. The important thing is she isn't suffering anymore and that I have twenty two years of memories. I love my kitty.

-Made a few new friends. I met Xander on my way home from work about a month ago and was introduced to some of his friends and his finacee Rhiannon. I've spent a lot of time mallatting with him lately and it's been a lot of fun.

-Once again I've been passed up for the lead position. This time I was told it was because I was going to be used more on bookfloor and if I were cafe lead, there wouldn't be time for me to be on bookfloor. I haven't heard anything from the store managment about this, so once again I'm being lied to. I fucking hate that. Angie is going to be running a Victor Allen's and one of our October hires has been promoted. Why do I still bother? Note to self: Apply at Starbucks! I can't keep being lied to, and I don't know how to bring it up to one of my store managers without feeling or sounding like a dick. This is a situation in which diplomacy is needed, and I don't know how to be anything but direct.

-I found Macca on the Faceybooks. I'm really happy that we've gotten in touch again. My high school years probably would have been a lot saner had she and I not lost touch. She's got kids now, and they're gorgeous. I must make it out to her parents place the next time I'm in Milwaukee so we can chill. I've missed her so much. I remember when she first became sick I was beating my head against the wall hoping and praying that she would get better. I remember the nightmares I had, I remember sobbing when I came home after her brother and I took knives away from her. Watching this beautiful person sink into schizophrenia and depression was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  She sounded a little better when we were IMing on the Faceybooks. I think her kids have been a big influence on her to stay alive, which is fantastic. I'd be brokenhearted had she acutally comitted suicide.

-Saw Watchmen on Friday with Xander and Rhi. OH MY GOD! I want to see it again. And again. Rorschach is made of so much win, my tiny brain cannot begin to fathom it. Also, either Night Owl really does suck or I have a bone deep hatred for Patrick Wilson, cos damn, what a ponce.

Well now. I think that's the most excitement I've had in the past six weeks. Maybe I can actually become consistent with my LJ again.

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Slipknot-Dead Memories