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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]

I wonder if it's sad or ironic that iamxander1986  and I are sitting right next to each other and we're on our LJs. Maybe a little of both.

Things are actually going pretty well despite the fact that I've been infected by my genetics and a cold, a cold which I seem to have given to Tali. Shitty. She hates having her boogers sucked with the booger sucker thingie and absolutly loathes having nasal saline squirted up her nose I feel like such an asshole every time I have to do it, she screams like she'd been set on fire. Generally she's a pretty mellow kid, she went through a growth spurt whilst we were in Milwaukee, cluster feeding, power naps, cranky fits and all.

We went to Milwaukee for ladyice89 's wedding and it was absolutly beautiful. I cried a lot. There are pictures on both of our Facebooks where you can clearly tell I'm trying to not lose my shit. My speech at her reception made her cry, so I guess I've gotten even. We got to see almost everyone I care about with the exception of Trent and Crocostimpy Superbleeder. Trent's dad had to go into the hospital, and Crocostimpy was sick on the one evening we were downtown without Tali. I would have liked to squeeze in coffee with childofscandal , but unfortunately there wasn't enough time.  We did get to visit with the lovely Macca and her monsters. Her son Conor was particularly rambunctious, stealing Tali's Nuk and our glasses whenever he had a chance to. Unfortunately, Macca had a bit of a breakdown during which we told her we love her and that we were ok with Conor's behaviour. I haven't had to deal with one of Macca's breakdowns in a very long time, and it sent me into a bit of a flashback to the time when her schizophrenia and manic depression were at their peak. I love that girl so much that if she weren't around I don't know what I would do.

My Grampa was at the wedding and he was drifting in and out. Sadly he checked me out when we were posing for pre ceremony pictures. The family doesn't think he'll last the year and I really don't know how well we'll handle it when he goes. My world will probably crash down around my ears and iamxander1986 will have to pick up the pieces. He's actually quite good and picking up the pieces when I fall apart, I'm really glad I'm marrying him. 

We also spent a lot of time with Mike, Madi and the kids. Konnor and Sofi fell in love with Tali, to the point where Sofi was telling me "You bring Tali here now!" on the phone, she ran up the stairs one night while Tali was crying saying "I'm coming, baby Tali!" It was SUPER cute.  Madi was super not crazy while we were there, and Mike has suddenly become his father. It was quite shocking to see. I've known Mike for nearly thirteen years and he was never that bad.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that iamxander1986 and my mother got along fantastically. My mother even said to him "Take care of my daughter, or you'll have to answer to me" he responded to that with "Don't worry, I won't hurt her, if I do I'll have eight people down here kicking my ass."

We also saw Ken briefly. He had extra tickets to the Killswitch Engage/The Devil Wears Prada/Dark Tranquility show at the Rave. Dark Tranquilty are a Swedish death metal band that tried to hard to be the bastard lovechild of Type O Negative and Metallica. Musically they were decent and I'm sure I would have like them had they not opened their mouths. The Devil Wears Prada were fantasic! They're a brutal screamy Christian metal band that played with a ferocity that made me shudder Their fans on the other hand were emo kids who kept starting pits and were squishing us. iamxander1986 got hurt during said squish running a mean D on me, Ken, Janet and this one skinny emo kid. He did a fantastic job of getting me out of the crowd before I got hurt and the claustrophobia set in. We hung out in the back for the first couple of songs of the Killswitch set. Normally, I'm neutral an Killswitch, but they didn't sound right with the dude from All That Remains filling in for the lead singer who was off the tour. We ended up leaving because he was hurting too much. All in all that was a decent night.

We're interested in getting the guy who officiated my sister's wedding to do ours. We need to get him booked soon, his summers book up quite fast. I don't know how quickly he fills up, but hopefully 28 July 2011 will still be free once we've gotten more concrete plans. Jon is really fucking rad. He's the biggest Star Wars fan I've ever met. We spent like an hour after the rehearsal talking about Star Wars and how he knows Peter Mayhew, Kenny Baker and the dude who played Boba Fett. How fucking cool is that? I am two degrees away from Chewfuckingbacca. Holy shit. I nerdgasmed for about an hour afterward, to the point that I called every nerd I knew and annoyed the shit out of my sister. Jon lives in Johnson Creek, so we're going to try to get together for an epic night of nerdy proportions. Perhaps I'll bring my copy of Fanboys before we have our Star Wars geek fest.

I really do have a fanstasic life, and I love it.

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