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March 2011
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Jen [userpic]
A real entry for the first time in months. HUZZAH!

The only way this week could get better is if Tali suddenly poofed in front of us and I could hug my Cubby Bear.

Wednesaday night, iamxander1986 and I saw Muse with Mario, it was such a stunning show. Everytime they performed a song off of The Resistence, the light show painted this portrait of a frightening dystopic beauty, which makes a whole lot of sense since that record is all about sticking it to Big Brother. Matt Bellamy is the only person I've seen to make a keytar look cool. Easily one of the best shows I've ever seen. The opening band Passion Pit seems to have become a staple in the Milwaukee concert circuit having performed here three times since April. They were musically interesting, with an intriguing light show, but the singing was awful. Worth it to know Muse was coming afterward.

Last night we went to UWM to see Henry Rollins with Jay, we arrived at about three pm, the  Rollins show was free with limited seating, so we decided to get there early to make sure we had good seats. We made friends with one of the people waiting, his name is Sean, and now we're all Twitter friends and there was good conversation and great banter. At about 6:00, kosherspam showed up and there was the usual "Holy shit!" that happens with reunions.  Rollins was absolutely fantastic as always, it was my thrid speaking show and my second show this year. When we went in April, Rollins had spoken about a near religious experience the first time he'd heard Bad Brains, we told him afterward how we had similar experiences with bands we'd seen, and he told us to check out Black Dots.  When we spoke with him last night, iamxander1986 told him that he did check out that record and that it was fantastic, Rollins was like "Right on!" We had the usual chat for a couple of minutes and then he worked his way through the crowd some more. We'd had a picture taken, but no one saved it on Xander's phone so we had to go back. Rollins was so nice about taking a second picture, and we finally got it and subsequently posted it to Facebook.

While we were waiting in line, the Rave street team was out and about handing out two drink minimum tickets for upcoming shows, including tonight's Bad Religion show, and we were complaining that we didn't have the $30 for the two drinks, and out of nowhere comes this magical Rave street team fairy to hand us all two regular tickets to the Bad Religion show.  So free Muse, free Rollins, and tonight free Bad Religion. My first punk show ever, and it's a band I don't know too much about, but what I've heard, I like.  iamxander1986  is really excited about it, he's been a fan of Bad Religion since he was a kid and he likes one of the opening bands, Bouncing Souls.

I've also found a job at a tiny cafe on 60th, which I kind of enjoy. The downtime is a bitch, though. I was really sad to hear that Mayfair's B&N didn't have any openings for me, but I'll try again soon. I'd like to stay in B&N, I've had such a blast working at the store in Madison, despite the Judy drama, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I cried like a hungry angry baby when Rich hugged me on my last day. I miss that store so much.

And now for Hell's Kitchen on Hulu, but first, THE AWESOME

Xander, Rollins, and the Jenhen

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You know...

...when I tell Cheese you forgot him at the Bad Religion show, he'll cry.

Re: You know...

No he won't